Has MS Dhoni Donated 60 Crores to Odisha Train Crash Victims, Reason for Rumors Explained!

Did MS Dhoni donate 60 crores for Odisha train crash: Throughout this article, we will share extremely fascinating and relevant information with you. Everyone seems to know, the latest horrific event in Odisha. Dhoni who is the biggest recognized cricket star today has stepped forward to help the citizens of Odisha. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

Odisha train tragedy

The latest terrible train tragedy in Balasore area in Odisha near Bahanaga has shocked the whole nation. In the meantime, there have also been countless reports of prominent people and athletes donating huge sums of money to those injured by the railroads.

Who is MS Dhoni?

Former Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, often known as MS Dhoni, has become one of the most effective people at the club. He was born on August 8, 1980 in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Dhoni is well known for his outstanding undefeated skills as well as his ability to win matches with his powerful striking.

MS Dhoni Career

In November 2005, he got his Indian breakthrough against Bangladesh in a one-day match. Msd played for the Indian cricket team as a middle batsman and an opening batsman. When Msd was the leader, the Indian cricket team scored notable milestones.

Under his leadership, the ICC World Twenty20, the International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup and the ICC European Championship were all won in 2007. Msd was nicknamed “Commander Cool” due to his philosophy of Calm and controlled workout.

Did MS Dhoni donate 60 crores to train crash victims in Odisha?

A rumor is circulating on Messenger as well as other channels that MSD, a Chennai Kings player and Indian cricket leader, has contributed Rs 70 crore to help survivors of the Orissa train disaster. Nevertheless, a plain truth from OTV has revealed that MS Dhoni’s Rs 70 crore contribution to Odisha train disaster victims was fake.

MS Dhoni donates 60 crores for reason of Odisha train crash rumors

MS Dhoni has still not said that he will contribute Rs 70 crore or any money of that magnitude to those bereaved of the Odisha railway accident. The statement which has spread on Messenger, Instagram and some other social media platforms is false.

Twitter Riot On Odisha Train Crash Details

But, many Twitterers gave the horrific disaster, which resulted in the death of 275 people, Odisha law enforcement mentioned the fake Twitter and warned that such remarks would be prosecuted. “We have been told that only certain social media profiles present the horrific Balasore train disaster from a community perspective.”

That’s a shame. Odisha Police have warned all concerned to refrain from posting such nasty and fraudulent posts. “Anyone who seeks to sow discord within communities by spreading misinformation will face severe legal penalties,” he said. So there was the article.


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