Gunshot: Seminole woman shot 11 times in domestic dispute, police say

PINELLAS COUNTY — Deputy Chief Paul Halle said the woman was taken to hospital and is expected to survive her injuries. Most of her injuries were to the chest, but she also suffered cuts to her head and legs. Sheriff’s deputies have attempted to contact Wayne Lovell Dew, 65, but believe he is trapped inside his residence at 7850 134th St. N, according to Halle. The sheriff’s office claimed that Dew did not surrender voluntarily, so they dispatched a SWAT team and hostage negotiators to resolve the situation.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, a dispute between a man and a woman early Sunday morning resulted in the woman being shot up to 11 times before the man turned the gun on himself. At around 1:30 a.m., the woman emerged from her home on a leafy street in unincorporated Seminole and entered the home of a neighbor, who then called the police. Park Boulevard was closed and morning services at a nearby church were canceled as a SWAT team and robots responded for hours.

A robot from the sheriff’s office entered the house and located Dew, who had been shot in the head, seven hours later. According to Halle, he was the only resident of the house when he was found dead there. As of Sunday afternoon, neither the victim’s name nor his connection to Dew had been released by police. Nonetheless, according to Halle, this isn’t the first time Dew has assaulted the lady. According to him, he was arrested for domestic violence with a deadly weapon in 2016 after he strangled her.

According to county records, Garrett and Dew are listed as co-owners of the North 134th Street residence where the incident occurred on Sunday. Court documents show that the victim in this case gave herself the name Denise Garrett and declared under oath that she did not want to pursue criminal charges. After reviewing the evidence for ten days, the state’s attorney decided that the circumstances “did not warrant a prosecution at this time,” as evidenced by court filings.

Nearby Oakhurst United Methodist Church had to cancel its morning services due to heavy police presence and traffic closures. Sunday morning Pastor Nathan Carlson stood outside the church and said, “We are praying for those involved. Sunday evening at 6 p.m., the congregation would hold a service dedicated to prayer “for the community and the world”. Sunday afternoon, Park Boulevard opened again. We are still investigating the matter.

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