Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained


HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl‘ is a spiritual successor of the 2007 series of the same name based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s information assortment. The second season of {the teenager} drama sees Kate Keller taking Gossip Girl to new heights after discovering motivation from Georgina Sparks. However, Gossip Girl moreover makes extremely efficient enemies, such as a result of the de Haans, who desperately try and deduce her id. The second season finale, titled ‘I Am Gossip,’ follows Julien as she unites her mates in a single last-ditch plan to disclose Gossip Girl’s true id. Meanwhile, Jordan desperately tries to steer Kate to step away. If you need to make amends for the beautiful twists of the finale’s ending, proper right here is each half you need to study ‘Gossip Girl’ season 2 episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Recap

The season 2 finale, titled ‘I am Gossip,’ opens with Aki and Audrey navigating their relationship drama with Max, who hooked up with Heidi following his break from the throuple. Heidi threatens Max by tipping Gossip Girl about their hookup whereas Obie tries to steer Heidi to easily settle for that she was behind the failed Jakarta problem and by no means Helena. However, Heidi reveals that she deliberate the incident to remove Helena and grow to be the highest of the Bergmann empire. With Monet’s help, Julien and Zoya gather your total gang at Dumbo Hall.


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Julien explains to Aki, Audrey, Max, Obie, Shan, Luna, and Monet that they need to crew as a lot as expose Gossip Girl. Despite their animosity for Julien, the group agrees that they’ve to complete Gossip Girl. However, Obie, secretly working with Gossip Girl, believes they should not take points into their very personal palms. Elsewhere, Kate and Jordan argue over Gossip Girl’s future as Jordan tries to steer her to carry up her social media password.

Julien proposes a plan to disclose Gossip Girl using Roger Menzies’ help. Meanwhile, Audrey and Julien resolve their variations as Audrey seeks suggestion about her relationship. With the help of his father, Aki items up a fake account to ship tips to Gossip Girl. He moreover gives a hyperlink that, when clicked upon, provides them entry to Gossip Girl’s account. The plan items into motion as Kate is tricked into clicking the hyperlink. However, Jordan reveals that he transferred the account’s non-public particulars to Julien’s determine. As a end result, the gang suspects there’s a traitor amongst themselves.

Later, Obie makes use of Julien’s cellphone to textual content material Gossip Girl, primary the group to substantiate he’s the traitor. Simultaneously, Julien formulates one different plan to disclose Gossip Girl. She proposes one in every of them reveal themselves as Gossip Girl on the MET Gala and steal the credit score rating for the exact blogger’s work. Zoya agrees to pose as Gossip Girl as a result of the blogger surfaced after she arrived in New York City. As a end result, the true particular person behind the weblog is perhaps pressured to return again forward.

The gang gathers on the MET Gala and leaves Obie out of the loop. Zoya reveals herself as Gossip Girl, nevertheless Jordan convinces Kate to keep away from the account. He exclaims that Zoya taking the blame lets them end the charade with out coping with any exact penalties. Kate agrees, and Julien’s grand plan fails, with Zoya coping with the repercussions of Gossip Girl’s carnage. Obie moreover fails to disclose Heidi and is thrown out of the Gala.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Ending: Does Kate Get Caught?

After the MET Gala, Kate seemingly decides to maneuver on from Gossip Girl, allowing Zoya to take the blame for her actions. However, when she reads the details about acclaimed producers stopping for the rights to Gossip Girl’s life story, she is unable to keep away from the limelight. Kate wants to say credit score rating for her work as a result of the anonymous blogger and arrives on the restaurant the place the producers are meeting Zoya and Julien. However, the meeting is a lure set to catch Kate, who admits to being Gossip Girl.

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Ultimately, Kate is uncovered in entrance of everyone and arrested on the charges of cyberbullying, amongst others. Zoya and Julien stroll away from the battle, having ended the blogger’s reign. Moreover, their teamwork strengthens their bond as sisters and as well as brings the whole mates group nearer. After Kate is arrested for her crimes, Gossip Girl is taken down, and the kids are free from the scrutiny of the blogger. The story then jumps just a few months ahead and follows Julien and Zoya by the Summer break.

Do Aki, Audrey, and Max Break Up?

After taking down Gossip Girl, your total gang decides to maneuver on with their lives. However, Max, Aki, and Audrey are pressured to take care of their tough relationship standing. During the MET Gala, Gossip Girl exposes Max dishonest on Aki and Audrey by hooking up with Hedi. However, he apologizes and expresses regret for dishonest on them. On the other hand, Max moreover learns that Aki and Audrey had intercourse behind his once more, breaking their “all for all, or none for none rule.’

Ultimately, a heartbroken Max has a showdown dialog with Aki and Audrey as they resolve on their future. Max wants to complete their relationship for good. However, Aki and Audrey aren’t ready to take motion. Max is disenchanted as soon as they need to proceed their relationship with out him. Max breaks up with Aki and Audrey, nevertheless the latter two are nonetheless devoted to 1 one other. In Rome, Aki and Audrey have moved earlier their relationship drama nevertheless nonetheless miss Max, leaving the door open for a reconciliation between Constance’s hottest throuple.

Who Is Julien Meeting? What Happens to Her Friends?

During the Summer break, Julien, Zoya, Audrey, Aki, and Obie are vacationing in Roma, Italy. Monet’s mom and father prohibit her from seeing the gang, whereas Luna has grow to be a worthwhile model after parting strategies with Julien. Meanwhile, Max is attending a celebration and is thrown out for inappropriate conduct. However, he’s helped by a mysterious man who could very effectively be Rafa. On the other hand, Zoya is ready to restart her courting life and meets a cute boy named Phillipe.

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Julien has a secret goal behind coming to Roma. After lying to her mates, Julien quietly sneaks away to satisfy a mysterious decide, who’s revealed as her aunt. Julien must know additional about her grandparents and mother. Therefore, she invites her aunt to lunch the next day. However, Julien’s aunt warns her that the truth is probably not very good. Ultimately, most of the gang is relieved to go looking out themselves with out Gossip Girl and looking out forward to a larger future. However, a post-credits scene implies the return of Gossip Girl in a so much larger method that will completely threaten the kids’ newfound peace of ideas.

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