Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Post-Credits Scene, Explained


HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl‘ is a teen drama series that follows Julien Calloway, a social media influencer whose life turns upside down after the emergence of the titular anonymous social media blogger. The second season finale sees a head-on clash between Julien and Gossip Girl as the race to expose the latter’s identification heats up. In the aftermath of the finale’s shocking events, two unlikely characters come face-to-face in a post-credits scene. If you is perhaps looking out for a proof regarding the post-credits and the tease for Gossip Girl’s future, proper right here is all of the issues it’s important know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Post-Credits Scene: Does Jordan Accept the Offer?

The season 2 finale of ‘Gossip Girl’ is titled ‘I Am Gossip.’ In the episode, the battle between Gossip Girl and the kids includes a head when Julien unites her buddies to take down the anonymous blogger as quickly as and for all. Julien and the gang resolve to have Zoya declare the credit score rating for Gossip Girl’s work. Since the anonymous blogger surfaced after Zoya arrived in New York City, people will likely think about she was behind the Instagram account. Therefore, the group plans to unveil her as Gossip Girl on the MET Gala, forcing the precise explicit individual behind the account to return again forward.

Image Credits: Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Ultimately, Kate permits Zoya to take the blame for Gossip Girl’s actions and steps away from the drama. However, when the details about producers combating for the rights of Zoya’s life as Gossip Girl reaches Kate, she is tempted. Kate arrives on the meeting with the producers solely to go looking out herself trapped. She admits to being Gossip Girl and is charged with cyberbullying along with completely different crimes. Therefore, Kate is distributed away, and Gossip Girl disappears for good. However, the post-credits scene hints at Gossip Girl’s return.

In the post-credits scene, Roger Menzies (Malcolm McDowell of (*2*)s boyfriend. Roger reveals that he’s aware of Jordan’s involvement in Gossip Girl. Jordan helped Kate with the Instagram account that tormented children from most likely essentially the most influential households. However, in its place of exposing Jordan, Roger makes him an astounding provide.

Roger explains that he’s planning to develop Gossip Girl. He wishes to faucet into the insecurities of kids all through the globe. Therefore, Roger intends to recreate Gossip Girl as an app, allowing children worldwide to spy on each other. With the money and have an effect on of Roger Menzies, Gossip Girl inside the kind of an app shall be just about unstoppable. While Jordan tries to deflect the availability, Roger reveals that Jordan’s technological info and love for causes make him a very excellent candidate.

The scene ends sooner than we’re capable of examine Jordan’s reply to the availability. However, it’s evident that Roger’s provide entices Jordan. It would pull Jordan away from a lifetime of mediocrity and allow him to particular himself. Moreover, Jordan is an accomplice in Kate’s crimes as Gossip Girl. Therefore, Jordan could face licensed repercussions if he refuses Roger’s provide. As a consequence, it’s protected to say that Jordan agrees to assemble a Gossip Girl app for Roger Menzies. However, ‘Gossip Girl’ has been canceled by HBO Max, so we’ll likely under no circumstances uncover out the affect of Roger’s plan on the lives of Julien and her buddies.

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