Ginoa launches an all-in-one NFT platform aimed at revolutionizing NFT trading

CRYPT — To make it easier for investors to buy, sell, barter, trade and analyze non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Ginoa has launched its all-in-one NFT platform. Rather than having to travel to several different locations, NFT traders can do all their business on one convenient platform. Analytics provides traders with the information they need to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, among other trading operations.

Ginoa’s flagship product is called Barterplace and makes it easy to buy and sell NFT collections. One user’s NFTs and equivalent cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for another user’s. Users can now bid on select NFTs within a collection with a single click through the platform’s new collection bid feature. Barterplace’s use of AI-powered data ensures fair trading, eliminating the need to unnecessarily liquidate NFT holdings or engage in high-risk OTC trades.

Ginoa uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate, data-driven insights into the NFT market, enabling collectors to make informed choices. With help from Upshot, the platform analyzed 50 million NFTs from over 100,000 collections with over 95% accuracy. By recognizing patterns and assessing project values, AI analysis and NFT market data summaries help investors minimize risk and maximize returns. Ginoa CEO Samet Duman has made it clear that the fluctuating value of digital assets like NFTs is a major concern for those who own NFTs. Therefore, there are barriers to completing transactions between buyers and sellers of NFTs due to security, liquidity, and valuation issues. Using AI, we developed Ginoa to address these concerns through a combination of barter, predictive analytics, and market research.

Ginoa launches an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot called GinoaGPT to help people learn more about NFT collections and make smart investment decisions. In response to user queries, the platform provides real-time information on collections, NFT ratings, sales figures, trading volume, and more. in the context of NFTs, collections and Ginoa. The use of AI developments aims to expand the availability of analytical and financial instruments. In the near future, Ginoa hopes to release things including a custom NFT feed, the Ginoa Pass, and sophisticated analytics. The group is also working on an automated trading platform called NFT Trader which can make recommendations specific to an individual’s portfolio. The platform staff includes leading Web3 engineers, machine learning architects, and research advisors from MIT AI.

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