Ghost Town Seaside Resort: Where the houses are for sale for just £5,000

What if we told you that you can buy a house for just £5,000 in Country Durham? Yes, you heard that right, but the cliché is that the houses that are for sale for just £5,000 are inside the ‘Ghost Town’ resort which faced near dereliction after the collapse of the coal mining industry. In this article, we are going to tell you the story of the Ghost Town resort. Many people scour the web and show their curiosity as to why homes are being sold so cheaply in Durham Country. Therefore, we have written this article to answer people’s queries regarding the Ghost Town resort. If you are also looking for details about it, this article will tell you a lot. Stick with this page and look below.

Ghost town resort

In the past, the Horden Colliery in Durham Country was popular for its productivity and employment. Thousands of people worked there. But now hundreds of houses are closed there. The town of Horden was once home to 4,000 workers, but was closed in 1987. Now hundreds of locals are on board and putting their homes up for sale for as little as £5,000. But why? Scroll down the page and know this.

People who have abandoned their homes in this area say there is an endemic problem of drug abuse. This is why countless people moved to other parts of the country and abandoned their homes. Once, this European city held the record for the most tonnes of coal extracted from a mine in one day, claimed the famous Youtuber David Burnip. According to reports, around 6757 tons were removed in a single day. It was May 9, 1930, and this record remained unbroken for 30 years. Swipe down the page and read more.

YouTuber David Burnip said: ‘Now most of the workers have moved out and entire streets are deserted and boarded up. The shocking fall in property prices can be seen now. Apparently a house on 6th Street was worth over £65,000 in 2008 but last year it was listed at less than half its price which was in 2008. A former mine worker said that many many young people were doing drugs now, not just the younger generation, but also some older people. In May 2023, four houses were listed at £5,000. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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