Germantown police get 35 from a house party

United States – On Saturday in Germantown, the Germantown Police Department received a total of 35 calls for service, most of which were related to a house party taking place in Germantown. According to the GPD, the Germantown Police Department first began responding to complaints of a house party on Havenhurst Drive at 5:30 p.m., then they began receiving calls at a Kroger parking lot on Farmington Boulevard and d other places in the immediate vicinity.

According to police, these calls related to several motor vehicle collisions, two fights, traffic complaints and a harassment complaint that were directly related to the party on Havenhurst Drive. According to reports, service calls continued until eleven o’clock at night.

Neighbors expressed their disbelief at what happened. A local resident who did not wish to be named told us that the gathering took an unexpected direction and changed very quickly. He described the event as “just a complete and utter wild party”. “They crossed both my yard and my neighbour’s.” An advertisement currently circulating online appears to link the party to well-known rappers in the area. The leaflet advertises routes between a nearby shopping center and the residence.

According to locals we spoke with, large gatherings that attract hundreds of guests should be held in locations that are spacious enough to accommodate large crowds. Simply put, it’s not appropriate for a residential community in any location. It doesn’t matter where,” observed one of the locals. “If you’re going to provide alcohol, make sure you have people who are there to control it,” the speaker said.

Officers note that they are following up on all relevant reports and complaints to work with city departments and hold accountable those involved in this disruption. We have contacted a person who seems to be in charge of organizing the party, and we are currently awaiting a response from him. We also went to the house where our neighbors said the party had taken place, but no one answered the door when we knocked.

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