German Shepherd injured in Ukraine gets fresh start with Hungarian police

The left side of Rambo’s face was bloody and damaged after a rocket attack in eastern Ukraine. The right side of his head had been badly damaged by shrapnel, and he was unlikely to survive this. Emergency surgery that was performed on the three-year-old German Shepherd, who had been with Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines of war, managed to save the dog’s life. Now Rambo is a reminder that dogs and humans with disabilities are capable of doing great things. He trains with the Budapest police in Hungary, which is a neighboring country.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Maria Stein of the Budapest Metropolitan Police, now that Rambo has fully recovered from his near-death experience in Kharkiv province in northeastern Ukraine, he is taking part in police protests. and at rehabilitation institutes where he learns to connect with young people, the elderly and people with disabilities. According to Stein, one of the goals of the department’s crime prevention program is to teach young people to be more tolerant of one another and to accept the diversity that exists among people. This objective is achieved by demonstrating the tasks that are performed by canine units.

The path that led Rambo to a career in law enforcement was not easy. The year before, shrapnel from the rocket attack, which also injured Ukrainian soldiers, blew pieces of his skull, damaging his jaw and severely mutilating his right ear. After the completion of his initial procedure, Rambo was sent to a safe place in western Ukraine. Violetta Kovacs, the leader of a Hungarian organization dedicated to rescuing German Shepherds, quickly arrested him and transported him to a rehabilitation center near Budapest.

After that, Gyula Desko, a lieutenant colonel in the Budapest Metropolitan Police, took Rambo under his wing and provided him with accommodation as well as additional training. He described Rambo as a “very friendly and good natured dog” who is progressing well in his training and whose survival was “a miracle”. He also called Rambo’s survival a “miracle”. Desko explained that the police department has high hopes that people who cross paths with Rambo will be made to open up to acts of love and acceptance because of these attributes.

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