German firm wants to add new Blues ground to its ‘stadium family’

UK – Allianz is considering entering into a multi-year sponsorship deal to bring Chelsea’s new stadium, where and when it is built, into its ‘family of stadiums’. This possibility caused Allianz to seriously consider signing the agreement. For that to happen, Allianz would have to provide financial assistance to Chelsea.

With the sponsorship deal between Chelsea and Three having come to an end, the German insurance company was in talks to become the club’s shirt sponsor from next season. Nevertheless, it looks like the Stake online casino will fulfill this role, much to the dismay of fans: 77% of supporters who took part in a recent poll opposed this option due to a general concern about having a sponsor of game.

In January, TGP, which is an organization based in the Isle of Man, began providing support for the UK edition of the website that Stake runs. This company was originally owned by a Chinese millionaire named Alvin Chau, who was known to have ties to Triad crime gangs when it was still in operation.

Even though he was convicted of more than 100 organized crime and illegal gambling offenses earlier this year and sentenced to 18 years in prison earlier this year, the TGP’s command structure remains a mystery. This despite the fact that he was sentenced to prison earlier this year. Black gambling and involvement in organized crime are examples of such offences.

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