Georgia Southern QB arrested for throwing bird poo

It’s been a few years since the Georgia Southern University quarterback was arrested, but this incident continues to grab headlines and buzz on social media. Many people remained curious as to why the Georgia Southern University quarterback was arrested. In this article, we will unveil the details regarding the charges against Georgia Southern Qb and why he was taken into custody. Apparently, the deputy who arrested Georgia Southern Quarterback has resigned his position. Yes, you heard right. What was the problem? Please swipe the page down and view the sections below.

Georgia Southern QB arrested

The arrested Georgia Southern quarterback’s deputy resigned from the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office on January 20. He is known as Charles Browder. A WRDW news station said Charles Browder left the department amid an internal investigation. Charles arrested the Georgia Southern quarterback after mistaking the bird poop on the car hood for cocaine. The arrested quarterback is known as Shai Werts. He was taken into custody for drug trafficking after a traffic check. What were the charges against him? Take a look below and find out what the charges were against Shai Werts.

Georgia Southern University quarterback Shai Werts has been charged with possession of cocaine, according to reports. Deputies arrested him following road tests during which they took a substance from the bonnet of his car (Dodge Charger 2016). The quarterback told deputies the substance was bird poop. A video of him taking bird poop on his car is also going viral on the internet. Shai Werts said, “I swear to god, this is bird doo-doo. I swear to God it’s not,” Browder replied. “I just tested it and it turned pink.” What happened next ? Was he convicted or acquitted? Swipe down and read more details.

According to reports, the then 21-year-old quarterback was acquitted of all charges by local prosecutors. Before lab test results are released. State 11th Circuit Court attorney Rick Hubbard said: ‘After careful review of the report, dash cam and body camera, we have decided that the charge should be appropriately dismissed. . The charge has no prosecutorial merit and there is insufficient evidence for the state to prosecute” WRDW reported that Browder was found guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates


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