George Heery of Atlanta, identified as a man killed by a fallen tree during storms

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Atlanta Police Department reports Heery was injured when a fallen tree near 319 Delmont Drive Northeast hit him. He was taken to hospital, but he could not recover from his injuries and died there. A tree that fell on him during the terrible storms that hit Fulton County on Sunday killed him. He was one of the most well-known architecture and real estate executives in the Atlanta area. The deceased has been identified as 55-year-old George Heery from Atlanta.

The first station to arrive at the site was Atlanta News First, which found a large number of visibly surprised and frightened individuals. When they heard the news, some of the neighbors were seen wiping tears from their eyes. Heery was said to have been walking his dog when the tree collapsed on top of him, according to a handful of locals who live in the area where the tragedy happened. The Atlanta Police Department said it was unable to confirm whether or not the victim had canines at the time of the incident because there were no dogs present at the scene when the police arrived.

A few of Heery’s neighbors were seen looking on emotionally as they waited and hoped he would come through the ordeal alive before it was confirmed that Heery had died. Heery was known to have a strong reputation in the community and to have been actively involved in neighborhood affairs by those who knew him. According to some of Heery’s neighbors, his house was only a few steps from where this incident happened.

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