George Goh family: meet his brother Steven Goh Huat and Joe Goh Ching Lai

George Goh family: the businessman was born into a poor household in Malaysia. He and his two brothers teamed up to start a shoemaking business and escape poverty.

Singaporean businessman George Goh has become the second person to declare his intention to run in the race to become the country’s next president.

George Goh is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur and diplomat from Singapore. The philanthropist served as Singapore’s non-resident ambassador to Morocco for two terms.

One of the companies or companies created by Goh is Harvey Norman Ossia. The 63-year-old has founded several private companies.

As George Goh made headlines, many people showed interest in knowing more about his family and background.

The businessman openly spoke about his poor upbringing in several interviews. Let’s take a closer look at the family and upbringing of a successful businessman.

George Goh Family, parents and childhood

George Goh was born on November 25, 1959 to a very poor family in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan.

According to his official website, Goh grew up in a small kampung with a group of siblings. The entrepreneur is one of his parents’ nine children.

The diplomat’s mother and father gave away his two sisters because they could not afford to raise them, and a brother died at four weeks old because his family had no money to go to the hospital.

During a conversation with a Chinese daily, the diplomat described the condition of the house in which he and his family lived. Mr Goh said the roof of their house would leak on rainy days and he would join his siblings in catching dripping water in buckets.

The house had no running water or electricity. The family relied on a single oil lamp for light at night. Mr George Goh said that at the age of 16 he wondered if his family would ever escape poverty.

At that time, the businessman boldly chose to drop out of school and move to Singapore. He started working hard as a sweeper in a shoe factory and did his best to support his family. Above all, Goh said he was determined to change his situation.

He learned to make shoes and started his first business at age 22. Recalling his mother in one of his social media posts, George revealed that his mother is worried would slip $100 into his pocket long after starting his business.

Meet his brother Steven Goh Huat and Joe Goh Ching Lai

After George Goh started his shoe manufacturing business in Singapore, his younger brother joined him. Later, another brother joined them.

Three brothers, George Goh Ching Wah, Steven Goh Ching Huat and Joe Goh Ching Lai, founded Ossia Tranding. So, Geroge’s brothers, Steven and Joe, are also entrepreneurs.

Ossia Trading’s main business was the import and export of shoes from Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and mainland China.

In 1987, the company began trading shoes with Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, two well-known European fashion houses. Later, Ossia Trading expanded its range of items by starting to market clothing, luggage, sporting goods and outdoor equipment.

Ossia Trading eventually evolved into Ossia International, an investment holding company involved in the marketing and distribution of lifestyle products.

Mr. Goh and his siblings must share a close bond as siblings and business partners.

There is little information about the personal lives of George Goh’s siblings. However, they must lead a happy family with their own family.

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