Fun while it lasted at new, jam-packed Pemex gas station in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — No, it’s not 1984, though the worth per gallon, posted in vivid pink numbers on the 40-foot digital signal towering alongside Union Avenue, would recommend it may be.

$1.99? That’s fairly laborious to beat.

That ridiculously low value was a part of a promotion designed to attract consideration to a brand new gas station — Pemex, the California affiliate of Petróleos Mexicanos, the Mexican state-owned petroleum firm. Pemex already has a number of stations in California, together with Delano, however that is the primary in Bakersfield.

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Did the promotion work?

“Well, look at the long lines,” mentioned Miguel Pulido, director of exterior affairs for Pemex. “They’re going around the block. I don’t know how far out they go.”

“We want to make a strong impression and we found, when we do, that people remember and it’s a good way to be introduced into a community.”

The promotion, which utilized solely to the worth of normal gas, induced a number of visitors points, together with a few boxed-in automobiles proper at the pumps, however the promise of deal appeared to maintain issues even-keeled.

“I guess people haven’t seen these prices in a long time,” mentioned Sandeep Grewal, a Bakersfield native who’s with Pemex Central California, “and it’s catching everybody’s eye.”

Like many gas stations as of late, the adjoining mini-market has far more than gasoline and diesel on the menu. But gas at underneath $2 a gallon — that was the draw.

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“We are so happy,” mentioned Mandeb Singh, who works in the trucking business. “I just saw the $1.99 gas price. In this situation, people are suffering. I belong to trucking, so right now the trucking industry is bad, so everybody is looking for a cheap price.”

More Pemex stations are coming to Bakersfield and to the Central Valley. Company officers aren’t saying the place or when, however they’re confirming that this sort of promotional pricing will mark the event.

Expect costs to (ahem!) go up a bit bit when these promotions finish.

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