Full Video: Sakshi Assassinated by Sahil Video Leaked on Twitter, Youtube and Reddit

Full Video: Sakshi Assassinated by Sahil Video Leaked on Twitter, Youtube and Reddit – Sahil Khan was arrested by Delhi police on Monday for stabbing a 16-year-old girl named Sakshi in the Shahbad Dairy area of ​​Delhi. The accused, a 20-year-old man, stabbed her at least 20 times before hitting her in the head with a rock. Police apprehended him in the town of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

The girl was killed on a public road, according to CCTV footage uploaded to social media, but no one came to her aid.

The cops took the suspect to Delhi. Based on a complaint from the victim’s father, Shahbad Dairy Police Station had earlier registered a case under Section 302 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

Sakshi murdered by Sahil leaked video

On Instagram, Sahil goes by the nickname ‘sahi.lkhan3600′ and has 405 followers. Her Instagram bio states, “#love you dark life; Lover of Daru (alcoholic); Yaron Kiari; Sab pe Bhari; July the 5th ; Mom loves you.”

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His Instagram posts show that he likes to drink and party. Sahil can be seen smoking Hukkah and drinking with his companions in several of his posts.

Sahil also likes to play. Many of his Instagram shorts are shot alone or with buddies.

“I just want to tell you that I’m getting married in a week,” Sahil remarked in a feminine accent as a special character called “Judai.” My baby will have a name in less than six months. Sahil “I send you my best wishes, and I would definitely come if I was still alive,” Hall replied. In the role, the cruel killer has a facial expression.

Surprisingly, Sahir pays tribute to a friend who appears to have been arrested in the video.

Sahil’s first Instagram post was a snapshot of Siddu Moosewala. The following messages described his social life. His “girlfriend” Saksi, brutally murdered, has disappeared.

Watch the video here;


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