Full Video: Joseline Hernandez Big Lex Fight Twitter

Full Video: Joseline Hernandez Big Lex Fight Twitter – Josephine Hernaadez and Big Lex had a fight and they decided to settle their beef with a backstage fight in Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti fight

Joseline Hernandez was taken into custody early Monday for at least 4 misdemeanors, including trespassing and violence, which shows police were made aware of the incident. She doesn’t look happy in the mug shot that TMZ got of her.

Unlike Floyd Mayweather’s weekend jabs, Joseline Hernandez was dishing out reapers backstage, landing a lot on Big Lex.

A slew of Zeus Network reality stars, including Big Lex, were on hand for FM’s exhibition fight against John Gotti III on Sunday in South Florida. The former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star wore light blue.

During the boxing battle, Lex, who had previously appeared on Joseline’s reality series “Joseline’s Cabaret”, was savagely beaten.

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Joseline Hernandez battles Big Lex on Twitter

Right now, the video of her whooping cough is trending on social media, and for a good cause. You can see Joseline moaning on Lex while holding her in a headlock. The situation became so violent and chaotic that BL found herself twisted and topless.

Obviously, Joseline won the battle against Lex back then because the two women were eventually separated. However, Joseline wasn’t done using her fists; she continued to punch a variety of nearby individuals, including men, and appeared to attack randomly.

An unidentified woman who was going through the chaos at one point threw a drink in Joseline’s direction before being chased away by JH.

Joseline Hernandez battles Big Lex on Twitter

It’s unclear what started the fight, but it was obvious that Joseline was in a crazy mood because of it.

Another commotion occurred that night in the arena, but this time it involved the boxers’ teams and management rather than the boxers themselves. Despite being disqualified in the sixth round for persistent holding, Gotti persisted in the fight.

When Floyd’s team intervened to arrest him, it sparked a full-scale brawl. It’s safe to say that the antics have made this one of the most bizarre sports games we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch the full video below;

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