Full Video: Ballymoney Train Station Fight Live

Full Video: Ballymoney Train Station Fight LiveHer 14-year-old son was a rail passenger in Ballymoney on Saturday and was not a part of what happened. What for the young man had been a simple train journey ended up being a nightmare for him and his family.

The violent confrontation was caught on video and authorities are asking anyone who saw it to come forward.

Ballymoney Station Fight Video

A group of up to 20 people reportedly fought on a train in Seymour Street station around 9.45am on Saturday evening.

A glass bottle that had leaked onto the platform during the disturbance was thrown around and a 14-year-old child was injured and required hospitalization. His mother informed Belfast Live that he needed to be sedated for treatment.

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The young victim’s mother said: “When the doors of the train opened, a bottle was thrown in and it cracked open and hit him in the face. My 14 year old son was on the train.

“He needed to be sedated for the eight stitches he currently has. Because of the waste that caused his scars, he will always have them. It is heartbreaking that a 14-year-old was injured during the fight, according to some sources. He was not fighting! He was on the train and is traumatized, innocent and permanently scarred.

“This incident made me realize that no place is safe for my son to go out alone for the day, unsupervised. And those involved must face the consequences of having permanently physically and psychologically harmed a innocent teenager.

Officers responded to the disruption to bring it under control and issued three warnings about it, according to PSNI Sergeant Jamie Halligan.

“We are aware of the concerns raised by this event and the video is going viral on social media. We are asking for the public’s help as we continue our investigations.


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