Full 8 Minute Video: Mackenzie Shirilla Car Video

Mackenzie Shirilla Car Video Driving on Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit and Youtube (Watch full video)

A Strongsville teenager who was convicted of homicide on Monday afternoon may serve the remainder of her life in jail.

Charges of homicide, aggravated murder whereas driving a automobile and drug possession stemmed from a collision that occurred early July 31, 2022, and Mackenzie Shirilla stood trial for these crimes.

On Monday, the courtroom was packed. Some individuals who got here to listen to the choice have been turned away. At the gate, guards have been posted.

On the 12 counts, the decide, Nancy Margaret Russo, returned responsible verdicts.

She cited CCTV proof displaying Shirilla’s automotive rushing down the road to 100mph simply earlier than the collision.

“It’s the kind of evidence you can never get away with. The audio and visual components of this display are indelible. It’s gruesome and awful,” Judge Russo remarked.

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“The intent and motive of the defendant is made abundantly clear within the video. The resolution she made that day was one in all demise and damage. She went from a cautious driver to a real hell on wheels.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say the 17-year-old allegedly slammed on the fuel, sped down a useless finish at a Strongsville enterprise park and intentionally slammed right into a brick wall, killing her boyfriend and a one other younger man.

Tim Troup, an assistant Cuyahoga County District Attorney, introduced safety footage from the incident website and knowledge collected from Shirilla’s automotive, saying “it shows a remarkable 100% acceleration for the last five seconds.” .

Mackenzie Shirilla automotive crash video

Davion Flanagan, 19, a latest graduate of Strongsville High School, and Dominic Russo, Shirilla’s boyfriend, each perished within the crash.

“The physique of proof clearly reveals that Mackenzie Shirilla behaved on function. It was homicide, not reckless driving, in accordance with Judge Russo.

As Shrilla was led away by sheriff’s deputies, her relations could possibly be heard telling her they liked her.

On Monday, August 21, at 1 p.m., she can be sentenced. Shirilla’s protection lawyer makes an attempt to forestall her from receiving a life sentence for the alleged double homicide by claiming that nobody is aware of what occurred inside that vehicle.

Judge Russo was advised by James McDonnell that “it is not clear, it is not explicit to draw the conclusion that she acted on purpose”.


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