From Near Tragedy to Triumph: Students Nurse Rare Gouldian Finch Back to Health

Remarkable Recovery: Students Save Rare Gouldian Finch and Nurture it Back to Health

In an inspiring story of compassion and dedication, college students at Duchy College Rosewarne in Cornwall have efficiently rescued and rehabilitated a uncommon Gouldian Finch named Jester.

After falling from its nest and practically perishing, the chick was revived and nurtured again to well being utilizing a meticulous methodology involving a tiny paintbrush.

A Precarious Situation:

Jester, a child Gouldian Finch native to Australia, confronted a deadly destiny after tumbling from its nest.

It was the observant college students at Duchy College Rosewarne who found the fallen chick, weighing a mere 1.4 grams, alongside one other unlucky sibling that didn’t survive the autumn.

Determined to assist, the scholars launched into a unprecedented journey to save Jester’s life.

A Rescue Effort and Unwavering Care:

The devoted college students, supported by the school’s fowl assortment amenities, took it upon themselves to nurse Jester again to well being.

Initially exhibiting indicators of life after being warmed within the arms of a technician, the tiny finch required delicate feeding utilizing a effective tip paintbrush dipped in nourishing system.

With fixed consideration and care, Jester made exceptional progress and commenced entertaining her caretakers.

Overcoming Challenges:

The restoration course of was not with out challenges.

Head Technician for Animal Management, Katrina Sullivan, performed an important position in Jester’s rehabilitation.

She remembers the extraordinary care required through the first three days, with Jester being fed each half-hour utilizing the effective tip paintbrush.

Gradually, the feeding intervals prolonged to each hour over subsequent weeks.

Jester’s power and resilience shone by means of, particularly throughout a essential interval at eight days when her well being briefly deteriorated.

However, she rallied and steadily improved.

Flourishing and Delighting Everyone:

Jester, the gorgeous Gouldian Finch with red-headed and lavender-breasted plumage, has change into a beloved member of the school group.

Reaching her developmental milestones, Jester now weighs a wholesome 24 grams and spends her days enchanting each workers and college students together with her playful antics.

Her energetic nature earned her the identify “Jester,” reflecting her entertaining demeanor.

While her small measurement calls for warning to keep away from accidents, Jester’s sassy perspective and love for biscuits and crisps add to her allure.

Her profitable rehabilitation serves as a testomony to the significance of preserving and nurturing threatened species.


The heartwarming journey of Jester, the Gouldian Finch, showcases the facility of compassion and dedication in saving and rehabilitating a weak creature.

Thanks to the scholars at Duchy College Rosewarne and the unwavering care offered by Head Technician Katrina Sullivan, Jester has overcome adversity and thrived.

Her playful nature and noteworthy restoration deliver pleasure to all who encounter her.

This story underscores the importance of conservation efforts and the optimistic impression that people can have on defending endangered species.

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