Francesco Nuti Moglie: Was he married to Simona Izzo? Meet her Figli Ginevra Nuti

Learn about Francesco Nuti moglie (wife) and figli (daughter) as the actor’s love and private life came to an end.

Francesco Nuti was an Italian professional actor. The actor, Nuti, began his professional acting career in the late 1970s.

His career as a professional actor officially began when he founded the cabaret group Giancattivi with Alessandro Benvenuti and Athina Cenci.

The group’s first feature film was West of Paperino (1981), written and produced by Benvenuti. They also participated in the RAI TV programs Black Out and Non-Stop.

The trio disbanded the following year and Nuti embarked on a solo career with Maurizio Ponzi’s films What a Ghostly Silence There Is Tonight (1982), The Pool Hustlers (1982) and Son Contento (1983).

From 1985, he embarked on the production of his own films and immediately met with success with Casablanca, Casablanca. Besides that, he has also worked in several other films.

The 1990s became a period of decline for Nuti as he was then suffering from depression and alcoholism.

Francesco Nuti Moglie: Was he married to Simona Izzo?

Various online resources suggest that actor Francesco Nuti was married to Simona Izzo. However, neither the official Simona Wikipedia page nor any other official source has verified this news.

Simona’s two marriages to Antonello Venditti and Ricky Tognazzi are briefly mentioned on her Wikipedia page.

She has been with director Ricky since 1995. But, her marriage to Antonello only lasted three years, from 1975 to 1978.

So, we can safely say that actor Francesco was not married to Simona Izzo, nor did he have any children with her.

In fact, the only loving wife in Francesco’s life was Annamaria Malipiero. The couple married in 1992 and gave birth to their only daughter in 1999.

When Nuti was 37, he married Annamaria Malipiero, who was only 20 at the time.

But soon after Francesco’s wife gave birth to their baby, the couple separated in 2000. The actress recalled Nuti asking her mother if she could woo me before going out.

From there, it was a reasonably long courtship, as the actor was 17 years older than Malipiero, although she had always been more mature than those her age, and he had always been playful, according to the model.

Their romance ended in 2000, eight years after their marriage. However, the prolonged depression that would have defined the last years of Nuti’s life before the 2006 tragedy was not brought about by the two choosing to go their separate ways.

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Meet Francesco Nuti Figli (daughter) Ginevra Nuti

Ginevra Nuti is the only daughter of Francesco Nuti and his ex-wife, Annamaria Malipiero. She was born to the couple in 1999. As a result, she turns 35 in 2023.

After reaching adulthood in July 2017, Nuti’s daughter Ginevra was named Nuti’s legal guardian as the actor was unable to speak or move following an accident in 2006.

Suddenly, the young woman took care of it since she was named her legal guardian.

In an interview, Nuti’s daughter shared a emotional message“He is receiving treatment at a clinic where they look after him because he needs ongoing care. Through my sight and my eyes, I speak to my father.

In 2021, she said on Sunday: “I have read the words of admirers who visit me daily, and he is happy.

Shortly after her age, Ginevra decided to take care of her father, who was no longer able to support her.

Ginevra upheld the decision, despite her young age, due to the deep love that bound father and daughter together throughout her life.

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