Fox host Charissa Thompson reveals her Los Angeles home was robbed by ‘professionals’

Fox and Amazon Prime host Charissa Thompson revealed her Los Angeles home was robbed by “professionals” earlier this week.

Thompson, 41, who runs the NFL defense on Thursday Night Football on Fox and Amazon Prime, opened up about her emotional ordeal on her iHeart podcast with Erin Andrews. “Take it easy Erin and Charissa.”

Thompson revealed she was alerted to a burglary while she was out of town, which left her “screaming”.

‘I was on the farm. In the morning I got a text that… my alarm went off at 12:15. And I thought that was weird,” Thompson said.

“I checked my cameras and sure enough, two guys ran out of my door with bags in their hands and I immediately started screaming and it felt like I felt in my stomach, holy shit, I just got robbed.

Fox and Amazon Prime host Charissa Thompson revealed her home in Los Angeles had been burglarized

Thompson, 41, hosts NFL coverage on Fox and Amazon Prime on Thursday Night Football.

She opened up about her emotional ordeal on her iHeart podcast with Erin Andrews (just in 2014)

“And now it’s panic, like you’re trying to control other cameras and angles and speed up the details. Three guys came across my yard… I have a big, huge, I’m like, what are these fences? About 15 feet or what is it … They climbed the fence and broke the window.

“They went out the window, the alarm went off… They were professionals. They knew exactly how much time they had. They were only there for four minutes.

She added that she felt vulnerable and unsafe in her own home, citing her past trauma of being stalked and having her private photos hacked.

“I mean, what else can I do to feel safe in my house?” she added.

“I’m talking to you on the phone, my first thing is, oh b**t, is this targeted? Is this specifically about me? Because then it shows all of our PTSD, like, does it have to do with the stalker or with hackers related to other people? So anyway I was able to distract or feel more comfortable talking to the neighbors about something like this happens, I understand. I’m not the first or the last person.

In 2017, Thompson spoke of her horror when she saw a man undressing and taking a shower at her home while she was upstairs.

She suffered two burglaries within days of each other the following month, leading her to question whether her home was a “safe place to live”.

Chilling footage of the primary home break-in, captured on Thompson’s security cameras, confirmed that two men had crept into the grounds of her new home.

Thompson revealed she was alerted to the break-in while she was out of town

One of the boys tried to get inside through a locked door, while the opposite boy strangely undressed and washed himself.

Another video confirmed that she was sitting at home an hour earlier than the burglary.

Just six days after the terrifying house break-in at the bottom of her home, the TV presenter’s friend’s car was vandalized while parked in her driveway.

In 2018, she additionally revealed that she had established herself as a stalker and stood outside the house. Identical 12 months, someone hacked her iCloud account and shared her intimate pictures with the general public.

“I already have security issues because my old house had a stalker. I’m hacked. And yes, safety is my top priority. So I spent a ridiculous amount of money to feel safe. I have a German shepherd, I have a husky,” Thompson mentioned.

However, the former ESPN host managed to make fun of the robbers and make fun of using her pillowcases as luggage.

The presenter managed to fool the robbers and mock them for using her pillowcase

She referred to her past traumas related to his stalking and hacking of her non-public images

“These bastards, they took my pillowcases. Charge my shit. If you wanna rob me, take your bag with you. Okay. Don’t take my beautiful pillowcase. Yeah, because it was Italian threads,” Thompson mentioned.

‘OK good. So I walked in and thought, “Why are my pillows all over the place? Oh, I know, because you used my pillowcase to stuff my shit. And by the way, b**k you, ’cause the good stuff I hid and wasn’t even round.

In April 2021, Thompson filed for divorce from sports agent husband Kyle Thousand, citing “irreconcilable differences” in April 2021, after two years of marriage.

She was rumored to have started courting Steve Kundari in the last 12 months of August, however it is not clear if the pair are living together or still together.

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