Four hidden well-being dangers of using an electric fan to keep you cool at night

You’re trying in vain to keep a cool head during those long summer season nights… but it always ends up being the identical method. Hours of blistering suffering, begging to go to sleep.

For those without air conditioning, a simple electric fan can help ease the pain. But your worship, redemption, comes with its own personal problems.

So much so, {that} a sleep expert has urged a warning to anyone rushing to buy a fan in hopes of getting some obligatory Z’s.

Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay says that while this cooling gadget can be an effective approach to temperature regulation, it has favorable drawbacks, Express reviews.

So, here are listed 4 well-being problems that a fan in your bedroom room can cause…

Not a fan of the concept: An expert urges a warning so you try to stay cool at night

Allergens and bronchial asthma

While a fan that spins cool air sounds good, it also spreads allergens around your room.

It can get into mud mites, spores and pollen causing reactions.

In addition, it can mean unhealthy information for individuals with bronchial asthma.

Mr Seeley says: “So if you experience excessive sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and even difficulty breathing, make sure your electric fan blades are free of dust.

“If you’ve got the funding, it’s a price hike for a bigger fan that can clean the air, reducing pollen particles and dirt mites in the room.”

If you have a fan, it’s important to wash it repeatedly, says a qualified professional.

Dry eyes and irritation

While cooling devices can be an effective approach to regulating temperatures at night, there are some well-being disadvantages (File Image)

Excessive air movement dries out the eyes.

Therefore, a fan will increase the chance of eye dryness and irritation for contact lens wearers.

But you can avoid this by reducing the speed of the oscillating fan.


The extra wind from an electric fan can dry out your nostrils and throat.

And this will cause your body to supply extra mucus to keep you hydrated.

Qualified says, “It can cause many side effects, including headaches, nasal congestion, and even sinus headaches.”

To mitigate this, simply improve your water consumption to prevent this from happening.

Experts additionally recommend consuming at least two liters of water per day.

Stiff neck and sore muscle groups

If you usually wake up after a great night’s sleep with sore or swollen muscle groups, Mr. Seely advises against pointing an electric fan in your direction at night.

He explains that this is because the concentrated cool air “can tighten and compress your muscles,” which can make you a lot more sore.

The expert continued: “You may even notice that your neck has become stiff since using the electric fan, so keep it off for a few nights to see if you see a difference.”

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