Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt wins $67.6 million Alfa Nero superyacht after vessel seized in Russia

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt hit a lucrative public sale in Antigua to buy a $67.6 million superyacht previously owned by a Russian oligarch.

Schmidt, 68, seized the coveted Alfa Nero after fertilizer tycoon Andrei Guryev seized it following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last 12 months.

The massive ship, which has sunk on a Caribbean island since the battle broke out, is arguably one of the most luxurious on the planet and is the first swimming pool to be converted into a helipad.

Namely, it was additionally built by Oceanco, the identical company that not too long ago built the $500 million superyacht loved by Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2023, the superyacht Alfa Nero docked at Falmouth Harbor in St. Paul’s Parish, Antigua.

The ship offers the first swimming pool that can be converted into a helipad (pictured)

Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority “confiscation” signal on superyacht Alfa Nero docked at Falmouth Harbor in St. Paul Parish, Antigua on Wednesday, April 20, 2023.

Built in 2007, the 267-foot vessel was originally listed on the market in 2009 for a whopping $190 million ticket.

The ship can accommodate 12 companies and up to 26 crew members, and has been provided with rooms fit for a billionaire.

The master bedroom occupies the entire entrance of the upper deck, providing panoramic ocean views, while the interior is decorated in luxurious design.

On a yacht, each room would have a separate, coordinated design. The upper deck saloon bar is regal, while the main deck saloon has an ultra-modern feel.

There is also a non-public health club with 180 diploma views at the highest point, and a wellness and sweets spa on the lower deck.

Manufacturer Oceanco described Alfa Nero as “one of the most iconic and awarded yachts in the world”.

Superyacht Alfa Nero is 267 fingers long and was valued at $190 million.

It has been described by Oceanco as one of the world’s most iconic and extremely award-winning yachts.

The yacht is equipped with many luxurious amenities befitting billionaire homeowners

Each room in the house can be designed with a certain coherent theme

The large vessel was purchased at a public sale organized by the federal government of Antigua and Barbuda

A chair on the bridge of superyacht Alfa Nero docked at Falmouth Harbor in St. Paul’s Parish, Antigua on Wednesday, April 20, 2023.

Schmidt bought the boat after Guryev left it in Antigua for the past 12 months following US Treasury sanctions.

US officials claimed that Guryev, who owns one of many of the world’s largest fertilizer producers and has cut ties with Vladimir Putin, bought the yacht in 2014.

The public sale was organized by the federal government of Antigua and Barbuda, which announced on June 16 that it had acquired Schmidt “through a fully transparent process.”

In an unusual transfer, an Antiguan port official told Bloomberg News that Guryev’s daughter had filed a last-minute court order claiming ownership of the yacht.

Guryev’s web is estimated to be worth about $4.8 billion, and Schmidt’s fortune is estimated at more than $20 billion.

Seats stowed on board the Alfa Nero superyacht moored in Falmouth Harbour

Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority Agent on Superyacht Alfa Nero

Superyacht exterior lighting control panel

Eric Schmidt (left) bought the yacht after it was abandoned by Guryev (real) last 12 months when he was sanctioned by the US Treasury.

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht was built by the same firm as Schmidt’s. Pictured: The $500 million ship, named Koru after the Maori phrase for “new beginning”

Cora (in the background) alone is not enough for the former Amazon boss, who additionally arrived on the French Riviera with the auxiliary yacht Abeona (in the foreground), which itself is 74 meters long and on which is a whole series of devices. , in addition to the helicopter

Notably, the yacht is manufactured by the same company that has built another vessel to make headlines in recent times.

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos splashed the cash on a new $500 million mega yacht called Cora this 12 months.

It is without a doubt one of the tallest and longest ships on the planet measuring 417 toes.

Bezos and his glamorous fiancee Lauren Sanchez were spotted sharing a kiss on the expansive deck not too long ago.

Koru is so huge that it is also accompanied on its journeys by a second auxiliary yacht worth 75 million dollars “Aboena”.

It floats around to help the billionaire live a lifetime of luxury with his collection of supercars, motorcycles, smaller boats, jet skis and helicopters.

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