Florida’s largest police union has endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential candidacy

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES — This Thursday, Florida’s largest police union threw its support behind Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who had previously received support from former President Donald Trump. John Kazanjian, president of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, released a statement to Fox News in which he called Ron DeSantis “the nation’s most effective governor.” The press release adds that the choice “could not be clearer” for the more than 30,000 men and women who are members of the association. DeSantis’ attempts to tackle the state’s fentanyl problem and improve officer compensation were noted by the Florida Police Benevolent Association as reasons for their support.

“In major cities and communities across the United States, many Americans are grappling with rising crime rates that not only endanger public safety, but also threaten the quality of life in their communities,” Kazanjian said. . “This not only threatens the quality of life in their communities, but also the quality of life across the country.” The ideological experiment of cutting money for law enforcement and using them as a scapegoat for America’s social problems has proven fruitless.

In preparation for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, DeSantis and other potential Republican candidates have placed a high priority on tackling crime. A political ad featuring the governor lamenting the state of San Francisco was distributed by the governor’s campaign last week. The sixty-second ad shows DeSantis standing in San Francisco after returning from a trip in which he claims to have seen individuals using heroin, smoking “crack cocaine” and “defecating in the street”.

DeSantis says the city no longer has a thriving culture. “It actually collapsed because of socialist policies, and those policies forced people out of that area. These policies caused it to crumble. The culprits are not brought to justice as they are in most parts of the country, and it is heartbreaking to see the consequences of their actions. “It just shows you how important policies are. Direction is important. He goes on to say “they’re doing it wrong here”.

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