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Floki, Pepe Soar Over 50% From Binance Listing

According to a May 5 statement, crypto exchange Binance has revealed that it will list Pepe (PEPE) and Floki Inu (floki) in its Innovation Zone.

crypto exchange Said Its users will enjoy zero maker fees on spot trading of memecoins True USD (TUSD) pairings.

Furthermore, the token will be listed as a borrowable asset within the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Binance warned its users that Memecoin is an extremely risky asset to trade – adding that Paypay has no token utility or price support mechanism.

Binance also highlighted that insiders for the coin bought around 7% of its total supply shortly after its launch.

Binance wrote:

“Floki and PEPE are relatively new tokens that pose higher-than-usual risks, and thus are likely to be subject to higher price volatility.”

According to the news, the two memecoins are up by more than 50% respectively cryptoslate Figures.

Floki’s Price Jumped To $0.00005, while Pepe pumped in at $0.0000029.


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