First ever NFT collection for legendary funk musician Bootsy Collins to be released

CRYPT — The world’s largest NFT marketplace,, which is dedicated to helping charities and NGOs while reinventing the charitable sector with blockchain technology, today announced the release of “FUNK NOT FIGHT”, the first from iconic funk artist Bootsy Collins. never NFT collection. The unique stage style and quirky costumes worn by Bootsy, which have long been used to communicate his feelings regarding creative art, served as inspiration for the collection’s use of vibrant colors.

Fans and collectors have a new way to engage with Bootsy’s creative vision through this collection, which also contributes to a worthy cause by supporting his recent Funk Not Fight initiative. This initiative aims to create safe havens in communities to support mental wellbeing, creativity and anti-violence, and the collection highlights Bootsy’s distinctive approach to music through NFT art. . Bootsy Collins has long believed in the potential of music to bring about positive change in the world, and he has made it his mission to do so through his artistic creations.

According to what he said, “Use my voice to spread music and light to everyone.” These aren’t just words for Bootsy; he puts them into action with his FUNK NOT FIGHT NFT collection. Fans and collectors who purchase one of his NFTs directly support the Bootsy Collins Foundation’s community programs. The main goal of these projects is to provide Funk Not Fight Safe Hub places all over the world, where people can express themselves musically, creatively and for their mental health. The Funk Not Fight Project is a growing initiative that strives to create opportunities in communities that inspire peace, creativity, and anti-violence. These opportunities will be created through the use of funk music.

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