Fiat to stop making cars in one particular color – a choice that could affect UK gross sales

Fiat has confirmed it has discontinued the car in the chosen color – not because of a lack of customer demand, but because it symbolizes the values ​​of the ‘New Dolce Vita’ model, the Italian company said.

Currently, the company does not sell gray cars.

It said the choice was made to “enhance the meaning of colors in life, the epitome of the Italian way of life”.

But the move could backfire significantly when it comes to demand for new Fiats in Britain, as gray has been the country’s most popular car color for half a decade.

Fifty Shades of Grey! Fiat confirmed today that it will stop offering its new models in gray because the color “does not embody the Italian way of life”.

The choice to reduce availability of the gray Fiat was made as part of an effort to “reaffirm the value of the brand’s new Dolce Vita”, the automaker’s executives said this week.

The company ensures {that} the brighter color palette is part of a gross sales method of ‘differentiation’ to make Fiat cars stand out in the wider automotive market.

Current and future Fiat colors are said to be “inspired by the Italian sea, sun, earth and sky”.

“We broke the rules: we decided to stop production of Fiat’s gray cars,” said Olivier Francois, chief executive and international head of advertising and marketing at Stellantis, Fiat’s parent group.

“It is challenging and disruptive and aims to further cement Fiat’s leadership as a brand of joy, color and optimism.

Italy is the land of colors and from today also of Fiat cars.

“This choice further informs people about the new Dolce Vita values ​​and the Italian DNA that the brand embodies.”

The official statement continues that the transition to promote only new fashions in bright inspire people to live with optimism and positivity”.

Colors such as Gelato White, Sicilia Orange, Paprika Orange, Passione Red, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Italia Blue, Venezia Blue, Rugiada Green, Foresta Green, Rose Gold and Cinema black will be available – all withevocative names’ based on ‘Italy’s beautiful scenery and dolce vita vibe’.

The decision to reduce availability of the gray Fiat was made in an effort to “reaffirm the brand’s new Dolce Vita value”, the automaker’s executives said this week.

Customers cannot enter the gray Tipo as pictured

In Fiat’s bold move, the gray color will be completely removed and two shades of orange will be provided: “Sicilia orange” and “Paprika orange”

This means that potential customers looking to buy an all-new 500 supermini, 500X SUV, Panda or Tipo won’t be able to order it in gray painted showrooms.

And the main new dummy to be launched that wouldn’t take advantage of the gray option is the model new 600e, a household electric car that could be unveiled on July 4th.

Why the choice to clear the gray could backfire in Britain

While Fiat’s choice to paint it gray is intended to encourage drivers to be extra optimistic, the transfer could have a serious impact on gross UK car sales.

This is because gray is the color of choice for new fashion trends in the UK – and has been for some time.

More than one in four new cars bought from UK dealers in the last year have been grey, according to official knowledge.

Around 25.7 per cent of bikes were registered in colour, marking the fifth year in a row that it has been the preferred palette for Britons.

While many people with Fiat drivers may find the color boring, consultants say drivers choose it for the money, not for personal style.

With around eight out of ten new cars financed more than purchased outright, drivers have become particularly aware of the resale value of cars. And color can be an option that has a dramatic effect on the promotional value of a used motorcycle, consultants advised This is Money.

Official SMMT knowledge reveals that gray has been the best-selling new car color since 2018.

More than 1 in 5 new cars bought by Britons in 2022 will be grey, reveals expert

Although purple cars were very popular in the 1990s, they now make up only 8.5% of all new cars. There are also few other bright colors that match the unprecedented and yellow color

Hugo Griffiths, carwow’s customer editor, advised us: “As the majority of private buyers today finance new cars through PCP finance, which pays for the vehicle’s depreciation, monthly payments can be even higher on unusual-toned cars with lower residual values ​​due to reduced demand in the used goods market”.

Simply put, a gray, black, or silver car is more likely to be highly valuable on the used car market than a particularly bold shade that matches hot pink.

Hugo says black, gray, white and blue cars are the most popular used car colors offered on his website over the past year, accounting for 74 percent of gross sales.

“In contrast, green, orange and brown cars account for just 2.4 percent of Carwow’s used sales,” he pointed out.

“Essentially, choosing the color of a new car is all about safety, and who wants anything else these days?”

That means Fiat’s choice could backfire on bosses as its gross car sales are already lagging in the first five months of 2023.

Between the beginning of January and the beginning of May, Fiat dealers changed 8,190 new models.

This is almost 12 percent less than the last year of the identical interval, when in the first 5 months of 2022, Fiat showrooms moved 9,282.

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