federal authorities arrested an assistant volleyball coach at New Lexington High School for sexually exploiting minors

CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ FBI agents arrested a New Lexington high school volleyball assistant coach on charges of distributing, receiving and possessing child pornography as well as alleged sexual exploitation of minors. Clay Thomas Wolfe, 28, of Junction City, was arrested after he allegedly used Snapchat to impersonate a 15-year-old woman to trick teenagers into sending him sexually explicit photos and videos. During the 2022-2023 school year, he worked as an assistant volleyball coach at New Lexington Schools. A message seeking comment from the school district went unanswered. FBI agents found evidence of over a hundred victims, including children as young as ten and eleven. Chillicothe is just one of many towns where victims can be found in the Southern District of Ohio.

He is said to have been cooperating with the examination of his phone, which allegedly contains hundreds of child pornography photographs, and admitting to having obtained child pornography since 2018. An expectant New Lexington mother expressed concern to WSYX about the preparation of her child for school. I don’t know if I should homeschool him and convince myself that I’m qualified to teach him, or put his faith in God and send him to public school. Jessica Hughes had her doubts. As the saying goes, “You never know who you’re sending your kids with.” I assume you checked your references. What you’ve done is awesome.

The federal government considers the sexual exploitation of minors a serious offense punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The minimum penalty for distributing and the maximum penalty for possession of child pornography are five years and twenty years respectively. Wolfe did not appear in any Ohio jail after his court appearance on Friday afternoon. Next week there will be a hearing on your detention. Until then, he is in the custody of US Marshals by order of the judge. In February, he was taken into local custody on unrelated allegations.

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