FC Barcelona and World Of Women team up for the NFT collection

CRYPT — FC Barcelona, ​​one of the most successful clubs in European football, has collaborated with the World of Women’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) initiative to release the second artwork in its “Masterpiece” collection. The artwork created for the NFT is titled “Empowerment” and is inspired by Alexia Putellas, a famous Spanish soccer player. This one of a kind sculpture was inspired by Alexia, who is the captain of Barcelona and plays for Spain in the national team.

Alexia Putellas and FC Barcelona are both strong supporters of empowering women in sport, as well as promoting gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls in the sector. These goals are very important for Alexia Putellas and FC Barcelona. The fact that they worked together to create this NFT artwork is another proof of their dedication to the aforementioned essential causes.

Since 2012, Alexia has been a member of the Barcelona women’s football team, during which time she won seven league titles, seven Copas de la Reina and two UEFA Women’s Champions League medals. She is best known for her contributions during the 2020-21 season, in which Barcelona achieved a number of historic firsts, including winning the Champions League and achieving a continental treble for the first time.

According to the press release, World of Women artist Rhiana Madeline is known for combining conventional artistic talents with groundbreaking technical applications to “push the boundaries of human creativity” through digital art. She is the creator of this one-of-a-kind token.

Madeline started by sculpting Alexia in three dimensions, then she used digital painting, special effects, chants from Barcelona fans and lights from the crowd to complete the piece. According to the release, the artist chose the color gold as a representation of Alexia’s accomplishments and legacy. The phrase ‘Empowerment’ will be up for grabs at an online auction on the popular OpenSea Marketplace from June 26-28.

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