Father kills three-week-old baby

A New York father has been charged with murder after he fired a crossbow at his wife as she held their 3-week-old daughter, wounding the mother and killing the child.

Patrick D. Proefried, 26, who had a history of domestic violence with a Stay Away order, fired a gun at his partner, Megan Carey, at their Colesville home on Monday.

Broome County Police Department, a crossbow bolt struck baby Eleanor M. Carey in the upper torso, exiting at the armpit and embedding her mother in the chest. disclosed in a statement.

Proefriedt, described by police as a “disgusting man,” allegedly removed the shutter and tried to stop Carey from calling 911.

Emergency responders who responded to the home on state Route 41 near Cass Road performed life-saving measures on the child around 5:15 a.m. Monday, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Proefrid and his daughter Eleonora, whom he described as “my little girl” on Facebook on June 9, allegedly killed him with a crossbow lower than three weeks later

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Tuesday that they are holding Proefrid without bail on the murder charges pending arraignment.

Carey, 31, was reportedly taken to Wilson Hospital, where she was treated for the accident.

Proefriedt allegedly fled the scene in a pink 2016 Dodge Ram pickup.

He was quickly discovered by several patrol models using aerial drones in the woods less than a mile from where he lived after his car got stuck in the mud.

He has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder, 2nd degree indictable murder and 1st degree contempt.

A disparagement charge refers to a violation of a security order.

The incident came less than three weeks after Proefrid posted a photo of himself and child Eleonora, whom he described as “my little girl,” on Facebook.

“This is one of the most heartbreaking and senseless crimes committed in this community in recent memory,” Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar said in a statement.

Our thoughts are with the household of this harmless three-week-old female, Eleanor Carey. I applaud the swift and decisive action of our Law Enforcement Department in responding to this tragedy and ensuring that Mr. Proefrid did not escape justice.

“It’s just a tragic case. It’s a senseless case. A reminder to all of us standing here today that domestic violence is incredibly real,” Akshar told reporters at the news conference.

Emergency responders responded to a home on State Route 41 near Cass Road in Colesville, New York at 5:15 a.m. Monday.

Proefrid, described by police as a “disgusting man,” reportedly disposed of the broadhead arrow and tried to stop Carey from calling 911 (pictured June 16, Facebook).

The alleged killer, 26, had a history of domestic violence and a stay-away order

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that Proefriedt remains in custody without bail pending his arraignment.

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