Famous celebrity photographer Mick Hutson dies aged 58: cause of death explored

Mick Hutson, a well-known celebrity photographer who worked for Getty Images, died suddenly and unexpectedly earlier today. Read on to find out how Mick Hutson died, what happened to him and what was the cause of his death in this obituary.

Mick Hutson, popularly known as “Hutch”, was famous for his outstanding shots in various genres. His photos have always stood out among the rest. Social media platforms are flooding with tributes to Mick Hutch Hutson as fans and friends mourn his death.

Who was Mick Hutson?

Mick Hutson was a well known photographer who was born in Newcastle but later moved to Aberdeen. Born in 1965, Hutson developed a passion for live music and photography from an early age. Before passing away, he worked for Getty Images.

Hutson moved to Aberdeen with her father after finding employment in the old age and gas business. He followed in his father’s footsteps but never gave up on his passion. Eventually he quit his job to focus on photography and earned a master’s degree in the subject at Robert Gordon’s College.

He had a glorious career of more than 25 years where he worked tirelessly. Hutson captured some of the most iconic and memorable photos in music and film history. His favorite subjects include the late Rik Mayall, Marylin Manson and Christopher Lee.

How did Mick Hutson die?

Mick Hutson, also known as Hutch, died suddenly on Sunday June 04, 2023. He was 58 at the time of his death. The unfortunate news of his death was announced by his friends on social media, which was later confirmed by family members.

“RIP MICK HUTSON. Sad to hear of the passing of rock photographer Mick Hutson who photographed Bowie a few times,” David Bowie wrote along with a photo taken by Mick Hutson on Facebook.

He added: “Among his most memorable DB shots is this one of David and Annie Lennox performing Under Pressure at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium for AIDS awareness in 1992.”

Did Mick Hutson commit suicide? What was his cause of death?

The exact circumstances of Mick Hutson’s death are not known at this time. However, netizens are wondering if the legendary photographer committed suicide. This speculation began after Emma Oliver (Emma Thomas) posted on Facebook about the death of Mick Hutson.

She said in her post that Mick Hutson died earlier today after losing his battle for mental health. This led people to believe that the photographer had taken the extreme step of committing suicide. You can take a look at the post here:

However, nothing is confirmed at this time. We are trying to get in touch with the people who were close to Mick Hutson. We will update this section with more details later.

Tributes to Mick Hutson Flooding on social media

Social media platforms are full of tributes and prayers for the late Mick Hutson after news of his death went viral. Here are some of the most moving posts you shouldn’t miss:

Fans and friends remember Hutson’s iconic work that will stay on this planet forever. He was an inspiration to many. His death is mourned as an extreme loss.

Mick Hutson obituary and funeral arrangements

An obituary for Mick “Hutch” Hutson is expected at this time as his family prepares for the funeral. The arrangements will likely remain confidential. We’ll keep you posted as people close to him reveal more details publicly.

Meanwhile, this post will continue to serve as a digital obituary for Mick Hutson. He was an amazing person and a highly skilled photographer. He taught people that following your passion could work wonders and cement your legacy anywhere.

Hutson will be part of our memory forever. His incredible shots will stay with us forever. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and other loved ones. May God allow his soul to rest in peace.


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