Family and relatives of Bruce Lehrmann: meet his sister Bobbie Lehrmann

Bruce Lehrmann’s family has been supporting him for a long time. Let’s find out more about his parents and other family members.

Bruce Lehrmann is a senior political adviser to the Australian Liberal Party. He also worked in the office of Senator Linda Reynold. Additionally, Lehrmann made headlines after being accused of rape.

On February 15, 2021, Brittany Higgins, a junior Liberal Party staffer, claimed that she was raped in the early hours of March 23, 2019 in Linda Reynolds’ office in the Cabinet section of Parliament.

Recently, Lehrmann gave his first interview and denied raping Brittany. Bruce also allegedly had a drunken kiss, but he also denied that claim.

Bruce Lehrmann’s Family Life Explored – Meet His Sister Bobbie Lehrmann

Bruce Lehrmann received tremendous support from his family. The news of her family caught the public’s attention and social media users also talked about it.

According to a post on Twitter, Bruce’s family of origin is from the Burton/Brenham area of ​​Washington County, Texas. The same post claimed that Lehrmann’s grandparents were Kirby Emery Lehrmann and Kirby Emery Lehrmann.

Meanwhile, Lehrmann also has a sister named Bobbie Lehrmann, who has also been supportive of her brother from afar as she apparently lives in the United States. During his high-profile trial, Bobbie and their mother secretly helped him.

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Bruce Lehrmann Parents: Robert and Lynden

Bruce Lehrmann was born to his parents in the United States of America. A Twitter user gave details of Lehrmann’s family members, and a Twitter user claimed his parents’ names were Robert Wayne “Bob” Lehrmann (father) and Lynden J Tapscott (mother).

The same tweet mentioned that Bruce’s father had married twice in his life, first to Annie Laurie Lusk in 1971 and then to Lynden J Tapscott in 1990.

Additionally, Lehrmann’s father died when Bruce was just two years old. After that, his mother raised him and his sister Bobbie as a single mother.

Bruce’s mother supports him, as during the trial she secretly supported him on the sidelines. Apparently, she was shielded from the media and did not enter the courtroom, but she was instrumental in Lehrmann’s sanity behind the scenes by preparing his meals.

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Where is Bruce Lehrmann now?

According Daily mail, Bruce Lehrmann is now a law student and aspires to become a criminal lawyer. The same report claimed he is now suing Ten, News Corp and the ABC for defamation for reporting the allegations.

Additionally, Bruce is making headlines as his first TV interview aired on Channel’s Spotlight. In the interview, he denied all accusations of rape or intimacy with Brittany Higgins.

The rape charge, which was dropped after her trial was misplaced due to jury misconduct, dated back to March 2019 when they both worked for Linda Reynolds.

Additionally, the Spotlight episode showed CCTV footage of Bruce and Brittany at a Canberra bar, The Dock, with colleagues on March 22 before they were seen entering Reynolds’ office at 1:47 a.m. Full interview can be seen on the channel’s Spotlight.

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