FAFSA delays affect college decision day in the Big Country

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Across the nation, May 1 signifies the first step in greater schooling: National Decision Day. This 12 months, as a result of delays attributable to FAFSA type modifications, many schools have prolonged the deadline.

‘They’re stressed’: Changes to FAFSA opening application date puts pressure on Abilene incoming college students

The college decision course of has at all times been recognized to be worrying. Abilene Christian School senior Madison Wick mentioned the anxiousness about college has at all times been prevalent as she progressed by college.

“We are very focused on talking about college. A lot of our teachers have talked to us about the application process, about what college will cost, about our SATs and ACTs,” Wick mentioned. “I think [for] everybody, there’s a certain level of just trying to figure everything out and some stress.”

The delay in scholar help packages and the sharing of advantages packages for grants and loans has affected many universities, akin to Abilene Christian University. Marlow Rogers, director of recruitment, advised KTAB/KRBC about the methods the college has been attempting to fight it in addition to the prolonged deadline.

“We essentially built a plan so we could give them a rough estimate based on what we think they would receive from the federal government based on years past and data,” Rogers defined. “This caused quite a few delays just in terms of processing, getting financial aid out to students, and letting them make decisions on their college choice.”

‘Bumpy’ FAFSA rollout leads to frustration for college applicants

Wick mentioned she hopes that, given the challenges the college course of has been experiencing in the previous few years, it will likely be simpler for the ones coming after her.

“I think as we start to come back and COVID and the FAFSA form gets ironed out, things will be easier for the next few generations,” Wick mentioned.

The first spherical of economic help packages has been despatched to universities and potential college students, and the subsequent batch will probably be despatched out as quickly as potential.

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