Fact Check: Did Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars date? Flowers lyrics and Liam Hemsworth dedication declare explored


Miley Cyrus delivered her new monitor Blossoms on January 13, 2023, and it’s as of now creating all in all a ruckus with its many references to ex Liam Hemsworth.

In any case, terribly observant followers seen gestures to Bruno Mars’ melody When I Was Your Man hid inside the verses, starting bits of hearsay that the Destroying Ball vocalist was relationship Mars. These circumstances are bogus.


The Can’t Be Restrained vocalist dated Liam on and off for pretty a really very long time someplace inside the differ of 2009 and 2018, earlier wedding ceremony him in December 2018. They accomplished their separation in January 2020.

Miley Cyrus’ Blossoms matched with Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, followers hypothesize it’s a response to him
The earlier Disney star’s followers have been investigating and hypothesizing in regards to the plan behind Blossoms. With the tune being delivered on Hemsworth’s birthday, they accept it’s an answer to her ex.

The most youthful Hemsworth brother as quickly as supposedly devoted the Bruno Mars melody to Miley Cyrus all through certainly one of many situations they’d been separated. It is imprecise when the entertainer devoted the tune, and the bits of gossip had been on no account affirmed by the pair.

Since it was delivered, the net has been overflowing with hypotheses and hypotheses in regards to the tune, with a few followers expressing that it was shot on the house the place Helmsworth purportedly undermined Cyrus.

Virtual leisure went proper right into a free for all after they tracked down likenesses between the two tunes. A TikTok shopper, @z100newyork, shared a video suggesting one factor very associated. The viral submit as of now has over 9.7 million views and over 840k remarks.

Albeit the clasp gave no proof of Liam’s devotion, netizens shortly shared the submit on their socials. A few followers had been likewise left befuddled in regards to the alternative of tune for the dedication as a result of it was a separation melody.

The verses to Bruno Mars’ The degree at which I Was Your Man suggests laments over a separation and shedding a sweetheart. The hit single was composed by Mars after his separation with then-sweetheart Jessica Caban. Part of the verses peruses:

“I ought to have brought you blossoms and held your hand/Ought to have gave you every one of my hours whenever I got the opportunity/Take you to each party because all you needed to do was dance.”
Fans hypothesized that Miley Cyrus’ Blossoms is a tune about confidence and a response to Liam’s dedication. Turning the tables to the verses of the Bruno Mars melody, the tune of Miley Cyrus’ newest monitor goes as follows:

“I can take myself blossoms/Compose my name in the sand/Converse with myself for quite a long time/Make statements you don’t have any idea/I can take myself moving/And I can hold my own hand/Definitely, I can cherish me better than you can.”

The absolute first stanza of Blossoms, “Fabricated a home and watched it consume,” could be a sign of approval for the 2018 fierce blazes in Malibu, via which the couple misplaced their dwelling. In the suggest time, “I can take myself moving,” would possibly allude to an honorary pathway incidence the place Liam winced when Miley began twerking all through a gathering.

“It causes Miley to appear to be a flat out virtuoso. What’s more, it’s simply excessively great. Like, consistently I awaken to another one. The stories are f**king humorous… The best PR that might ever happen…”
This wouldn’t be at any time when Miley Cyrus first has expounded on her earlier accomplice. Numerous her tunes, along with Destroying Ball, Drive, and The Most, all have references to Liam Hemsworth.

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