Evan Snyder obituary and cause of death related to car accident

This article revolves around Evan Snyder’s obituary and cause of death details. A C. Milton Wright High School student dies after Evan Snyder’s car crash in Bel Air, Maryland.

Dr. Snyder sang in the choir of Trinity Reformed Church, a United Church of Christ congregation of which he was an active member.

In addition, he belonged to the Pennsylvania German Society, the Pennsylvania Folk Life Society, the Goschenhoppen Historians, the Trappe Historical Society, the Rails to Trails, and the Pennsylvania Canal Association.

As well as recreating old toys, he demonstrated how to play with them at the annual German festival in Kutztown.

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Evan Snyder obituary and cause of death related to car accident

Evan Snyder Death & Obituary – C. Milton Wright High School student Evan Snyder died in a horrific car accident.

The son of the late Chester A. Snyder and Cora (Berger) Snyder is Dr. Snyder. Lehighton is where he was born.

After attending Franklin Township Independent High School, Dr. Snyder graduated from high school in Lehighton.

Susan E. Snyder of Broadview Heights, Ohio, John E. Snyder of Cardiff, Wales, UK, and Willard Snyder of Athens, Georgia are the doctor’s surviving children.

Dr. Snyder’s three children are grateful for the legacy left by their grandfather. Not only had he survived his wife, but his son Karl A. Snyder had also predeceased him.

Speaking of Evan Snyder’s obituary, his funeral will be held with family and friends in attendance.

Details of Evan Snyder’s personal life

He graduated from Ursinus College with a Bachelor of Science. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy.

Dr. Snyder served with the U.S. Army’s 9812th Technical Service Unit in Los Alamos, New Mexico during World War II.

He had a job as a technician in the fourth year. Dr. Snyder spent 45 years as a physics professor at Ursinus College before retiring in 1991.

He was both a professor and a former department head at the time.

As part of the summer programs for high school teachers offered by the National Science Foundation, he also taught classes at New Mexico State University.

He was deeply passionate about spending time with family and friends and participating in outdoor activities including fishing, camping, hiking and kayaking.

His hobbies included brewing his beer, exploring in his Jeep, and participating in amateur radio competitions. His hobbies also included travelling.

When a neighborhood veteran needed help, he joined the local 13-3 chapter and helped many of them with the small tasks the chapter was working on.

He helped other members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association with various problems they had with their cars, as he was adept at working on motorcycles.

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