Evan Snyder football death, Stanford Burnham Medical Research Institute obituary

Professor and Director of the Developmental and Regenerative Cell Biology (Stem Cells) Program at the Burnham Institute, Coordinator of the Southern California Stem Cell Consortium, Faculty Member of the Department of Pediatrics, and Director of the Basic Neonatology Research Program at the University of California , San Diego. His research interests are stem cell biology (including humans), neurobiology, animal models of disease states, and transplantation.

After completing postgraduate clinical training at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, Snyder is also a specialist in pediatrics, neurology (with special expertise in children), and neonatology (intensive care for newborns). . He remains clinically active in all these disciplines. He got his doctorate. in Neurobiology from the University of Pennsylvania and did postdoctoral research in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.

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