Esmeralda Richiez – The Victim Of Two Horrible Crimes


The demise of 16-year-old Esmeralda Richiez brings up additional factors than replies.

John Kelly Martinez, her 35-year-old coach on the Instituto Agropecuario de Higuey (Politécnico de la Cruz) in La Otra Banda, La Altagracia house, is the great suspect for the state of affairs.

As indicated by the solicitation for coercive measures from the Public Examiner’s Office, Martinez and his cousin, Rubén Morillo Martínez, went with Esmeralda and three utterly completely different minors to Macao ocean aspect, the place Martinez slipped 5 capsules into Esmeralda’s beverage with out her assent. Afterward, they wished to make various stops returning as Esmeralda expert weighty v*ginal dying. They halted at a nook retailer parking storage the place Esmeralda utilized the washroom. One of the minors who’ve been on the market and seen the episode revealed the subtleties.

The proprietor of a enterprise detailed that {the teenager} had entered the nook retailer toilet with the driving force of the automobile she was transferring into, nonetheless the driving force left with out talking with anybody.

Bloodstains accepted to be Richiez’s have been found inside the toilet and parking storage of the service station. At 10:21 p.m., the gathering halted at a drug retailer to purchase treatment, water, and clear napkins. Security film and the acquisition receipt have been acquired by specialists to confirm the subtleties of the stop.

Richiez was dropped off at her dwelling at 11:00 p.m. by John Kelly Martinez and Ruben Morillo Martinez, abandoning utterly completely different youngsters. She confirmed up with weighty vaginal dying, which started after she was abandoned inside the educator’s automobile. Regardless of seeing her pale and dying, Richiez’s folks requested her what was off-base and let her be.

The examination report demonstrated that she had died of hypovolemic shock, which occurred as a result of a essential lack of blood.

The report furthermore uncovered indications of appreciable exact hostility in different areas, nonetheless it didn’t affirm nor deny being pregnant.

The examination uncovered that Ruben Morillo Martinez was an affiliate to the wrongdoing, “knowing the rough s*xual movement that the departed had with the charged.”

Martinez himself is the great suspect for the state of affairs, having been Richiez’s math and exact instruction trainer.

The case has flip into progressively nerve racking, with media experiences recommending that Richiez would possibly want been pregnant and that Martinez gave her fetus elimination capsules.

A schoolmate’s sound recording has flowed by the use of digital leisure, guaranteeing that Richiez was pregnant, together with one different layer of intricacy to the examination.

During the highest of the week, info sources revealed that the charged coach is hitched, and his two youngsters go to an an identical school the place Esmeralda Richiez was chosen.

One of his children is accounted for of a comparative age to the departed teen. Sound accounts of the casualty’s companions and an auntie energized bits of hearsay that Richiez might need been pregnant and died as a result of a tousled fetus elimination endeavor. The casualty’s folks, Eligio and Isabel Richiez found their girl’s ineffective physique inside the washroom in the direction of the beginning of the day.

That’s what the examinations counsel assuming the casualty had gotten expeditious medical consideration, she might need made due.

These stunning subtleties attribute the weightiness of the circumstance and have prompted far and enormous open shock.

The specialists should direct an intensive and truthful examination to make sure an excellent consequence is given for Richiez and her members of the family.

The proof gathered up to now recommends a deplorable wrongdoing was carried out, and the culprits should be considered accountable.

For what goal is S*x-Ed very important? As we anticipate extra enhancements for the state of affairs, it’s fundamental to know the significance of instructing youngsters about assent and s*xual savagery. Such occurrences are preventable, and by giving youngsters the information and abilities to know and report harmful method of behaving, we’re in a position to assist with forestalling tragedies like this from occurring from proper right here on out. Moreover, there should be a purposeful work to face company on these in footholds of strain accountable for his or her actions.

Martinez, as an educator, held massive affect over Richiez and will need to have been held to a larger prime quality of conduct.

Organizations actually should carry out extremely efficient shielding approaches and strategies to safeguard children from misuse.

At ultimate, this case choices the requirement for a cultural change in mentalities in the direction of orientation based totally brutality. Casualties are usually accused, and culprits are pardoned for his or her method of behaving. We should pursue making a convention of zero resilience in route of s*xual viciousness and preserve the people who execute such demonstrations accountably.

All in all, the passing of Esmeralda Richiez is a horrible sign of the work that basically should be accomplished to safeguard children from misuse and savagery.

The examination should go on until the true components are acknowledged and an excellent consequence is given.

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