ENTIRE police department in Goodhue, Minnesota resigns amid pay dispute clouding mayor and small town of 1,300

The small town of Goodhue, Minnesota is prone to be with no police power after your total division resigned in protest when the chief give up over his poor pay.

Goodyear Mayor Ellen Anderson-Buck stated Monday she was “stunned” by the transfer, and the small neighborhood of simply 1,300 individuals says the selection has left them “upset.”

Police Chief Josh Smith stated there was no finish in sight as a result of he had no candidates to fill the vacancies.

He has beforehand complained concerning the low wages being paid to officers, which have been $22 an hour in Goodhue, whereas town council warned that “no one is in the game.”

“If you want to keep PD, and we want to keep it going, something drastic and drastic has to change, and it has to happen now,” he said.

The total Goodhue Police Department, consisting of a chief, a full-time officer and 5 part-time officers, has resigned.

Goodyear Mayor Ellen Anderson-Buck stated the handover was “eye-opening” for her.

The huge layoffs right here come after a Goodhue City Council assembly Monday evening, and the dialogue about pay for police officers will enhance. The resignation was accepted in the meeting, and all of your powers have been in consequence of the departure of the twenty fourth of August.

Smith had introduced his intention to resign weeks earlier when he knowledgeable officers he couldn’t recruit and would lose prospects in key cities.

He knowledgeable town council that he had personally been secured a job in the metropolis and that his private efforts to seek out further officers in Goodhue had fallen on deaf ears.

“I referred to as all of the police forces to ask if the youthful boys have been concerned. No one is concerned,” he stated.

When Smith resigned, it was a selection that led town’s solely full-time officer, Anthony Brecht, and 5 part-time officers to go swimsuit-compliant.

But native residents are involved they are going to be dwelling in lawlessness, Anderson-Buck assured town that it may have police safety.

“It’s not a problem … they’ll answer the calls,” she said, noting conversations with the Goodhue Sheriff’s Office.

The mayor added that whereas he was “a little embarrassed” by the shortage of a police station, town was “resilient and we are moving forward”.

Townspeople praised police for “excellent security” in the small neighborhood of about 1,300 individuals.

City officers are pondering the shortage of potential officers to shut in cities

As the small town laid off all seven police officers, Goodhue’s police chief admitted he could not discover anybody to fill the vacancies as a result of “nobody’s coming into the game.”

Smith stated he would proceed to serve in his place as chief till Aug. 24, when all of his officers will comply with step down with him.

Residents criticized police for the loss, with one telling NBC News that the knowledge “disturbed” him.

Another identified that the police won’t be observed in a low-crime neighborhood, saying, “I can most likely communicate for everybody after I say they’ve offered our neighborhood with fantastic security and safety. And the small town police work they did, we want it once more.

Goodhue police didn’t instantly reply when the word was obtained.

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