Duchess of York tells new podcast how she was diagnosed with most breast cancers after routine mammograms

It has been revealed that Sarah, Duchess of York, has undergone a surgical procedure to deal with most cases of breast cancer.

As is known, the 63-year-old duchess was identified after a regular mammogram.

The author and entrepreneur has been released from hospital as we speak and is back at Windsor Lodge with her household.

The “successful” operation, according to friends, was carried out at the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, central London.

Another said the mother-of-two had a good prognosis because most cancers were caught early.

It has been revealed that Sarah, Duchess of York, has undergone a surgical procedure to deal with most cases of breast cancer.

As is known, the 63-year-old duchess was identified after a routine mammogram

The author and entrepreneur has been released from hospital as we speak and is back in Windsor with her household

She is believed to have been in hospital for several days this week.

A good friend said: “It has been a difficult time but she is very grateful to the medical staff who did the mammogram and the medical staff who have looked after her over the last few days. She is incredibly grateful. “

The Duchess is apparently set to talk about her prognosis and remedy in an upcoming episode of her ‘Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah’ podcast, which airs tomorrow. This is reported by the Sun.

A spokesperson for the Duchess said: “Sarah, Duchess of York, was recently diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, which was detected during a routine screening mammogram.

“She was told to have an operation which was successful.

“The Duchess is receiving the best medical care and her doctors have said her prognosis is good. She is now recovering with her family.

The Duchess would like to say a huge thank you to all the medical staff who have helped her over the past few days.

Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice (pictured at the wedding of Petra Palumbo and Simon Fraser in 2016)

Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York pictured as they leave the Royal Lodge in Windsor

“She is also extremely grateful to the staff involved in the mammogram that identified her disease, which was otherwise asymptomatic, and believes that her experience highlights the importance of regular screening.”

The Duchess of York, 63, shared an Instagram post on May 15, confirming the main episode of ‘Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah’.

She defined it as “a new weekly podcast about the highs and lows of everyday life” and that she would “capture some of the biggest and weirdest stories from around the world”.

In the current first episode, which aired last month, Fergie insisted she was ‘very shy’, saying ‘too much confidence’ and ‘too many people’.

While her co-star Sarah Jane Thomson teased that she wanted to know more about him, the royals meanwhile declared: ‘Do I have a boyfriend? No.’

Sarah Ferguson, 63, revealed she “doesn’t have a boyfriend” but “would like one” in the first episode of her new podcast (pictured with ex-husband Prince Andrew)

And after her co-host asked, “Do you want one?” Fergie replied, “Yes.”

Her comments come after years of rumors that she could marry Prince Andrew at some point.

Their unconventional relationship has now become what Sarah describes as “the happiest divorced couple we know”, with the pair spending more time together than they did in the decade they were truly married (when Andrew was usually away at sea in the fleet). liability).

However, they do share a house and live in Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, the Queen Mother’s previous ten-bedroom residence, although that cozy union could soon end as part of King Charles’ deliberate reshuffle of royal residences.

And the couple regularly vacation with their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, leading to sporadic speculation that since neither Sarah nor Andrew have revealed a significant affair for a while, there’s always the risk that they might remarry at some point.

The rumor gained momentum after the death of Andrew’s bitter father, Prince Philip, who in his later years refused to simply accept being in the same room as Sarah.

Asked on ITV’s Loose Women if a rekindled romance was possible, Sarah broached the subject. “Oh my god,” she replied to the hosts present, “you’re all fabulous, you all have wands. Andrew and I remain steadfast, we used to be co-parents and now we’re co-grandparents.

The former courtier, who has known Andrew for 3 years, commented: “They don’t have a huge passionate romance – they have separate bedrooms in the Royal Lodge – but it’s also about the deepest kind of friendship. It’s a really unusual relationship for a divorced couple, especially in the skin world, yet they are completely loyal and would defend each other against the loss of their lives.

In the main episode of her show, Fergie insisted she was ‘very shy’, saying ‘too much confidence’ and ‘too many people’ (pictured with her co-host Sarah Jane Thomson).

In another current interview, Sarah described her relationship with Andrew as an achievement she was happy with. “We are separated from each other, not from each other. We are co-parents who support each other and believe that family is everything. I am proud of what we have done together, raising children and maintaining a strong family. Our watchwords are communication, compromise and compassion.

It’s an unusual arrangement, of which royal author Penny Junor notes: “It seems completely outlandish and who knows what their relationship is. Sarah has not only stood by him quietly, but has even spoken on his behalf.

Elsewhere, during her first podcast, Fergie insisted she was ‘actually very shy’, saying: ‘I play small to make myself very small to shy away from everyone.

“I’m afraid if I poke my head over the parapet, I’ll be shot in flames.

“I come from a very bruised place.”

The Duchess stated that while she might come across as “a very brave socialite… really, I’m very sensitive and I’m very sorry and I’m very shy, which people don’t know.”

She noted that she got here from an “incredibly brave” place, including, “I’ve been running on a treadmill since I was 12.”

She later said, “I need a little more left brain to be a little more practical.

Fergie is far from the first royal to start a podcast, with Mike Tyndall, Princess Eugenie and the Duchess of Sussex all having their own audio platform.

“Maybe I trust too much and too many people.”

Meanwhile, she additionally revealed how she deals with individuals trying to take pictures of her without her noticing.

She described an encounter in the security line at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 on a current trip to Croatia, when she said fellow passengers “surreptitiously” pulled out cameras.

She said, “So I’ll go and say, ‘Do you want a selfie?’ and they say, ‘no, no, I don’t know what you mean’.

“And then you’re like, ‘Excuse me, how dare I assume you want a picture,’ when what they really wanted was a picture.”

In an Instagram post that said details of her May 15 podcast, Fergie wrote: “Long-time friends and tea followers, creator Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Sarah Jane Thomson, entrepreneur and founder of First News. at the bottom of the week’s speech factors over a soothing cup of tea.

“They learn about themselves and each other and share their ideas about one of the biggest and weirdest fairy tales in the whole world.

No topic is off the table. No cookie is left uncovered.

She went on to share the hashtag #SpillTheTea in the post.

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