Download MP3: Dave & Central Cee – Our 25th Anniversary (Split Decision EP)

Are you a UK rap music fan? If so, you’re in for a treat. Two of the hottest names in the UK rap scene, Dave and Central Cee, have come together to release a collaborative EP called ‘Our 25th Birthday’. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this exciting project, analyze one of its most notable tracks, and explore the impact it had on the music industry.

Brief history of Dave and Central Cee

Before diving into Dave & Central Cee – Our 25th Anniversary (Split Decision EP), let’s briefly introduce the artists behind it. Dave, real name David Orobosa Omoregie, is a British rapper, singer and songwriter known for his empowering lyrics and storytelling abilities. He gained wide recognition with his debut album “Psychodrama”, which won the Mercury Prize in 2019.

Central Cee, real name Joshua Ricketts, is an up-and-coming rapper from London. With his unique style and infectious energy, Central Cee made waves in the UK rap scene, garnering a devoted fanbase and earning critical acclaim for his music.

“Our 25th Birthday” EP Preview

The “Our 25th Birthday” EP is a collaborative effort between Dave and Central Cee, bringing together their distinct styles and talents. Released on (date), the EP contains (number of tracks) tracks, each highlighting the strengths of both artists.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “Split Decision”. Let’s dig deeper into this song and explore its lyrics and meaning.

Analysis of the song “Split Decision”

“Split Decision” is an introspective track that delves into the inner struggles and conflicts facing Dave and Central Cee. The song showcases their vulnerability and addresses the pressures of fame and success.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotional turmoil experienced by the artists, giving insight into their personal lives. The poignant storytelling and poetic puns captivate listeners, drawing them into the song’s narrative.

Lyrics and meaning behind “Split Decision”

In “Split Decision”, Dave and Central Cee explore themes of self-reflection, ambition and the choices they have made in their lives. The lyrics touch on topics such as relationships, personal growth, and the challenges of navigating the music industry.

The title of the song, “Split Decision”, alludes to the difficult choices the artists had to make and the internal conflicts they face. The deeply personal nature of the lyrics allows listeners to connect with the emotions expressed by Dave and Central Cee.

EP reception and criticism

Since its release, the EP “Our 25th Birthday” has garnered positive reviews from fans and critics. Many praised the chemistry between Dave and Central Cee, noting their complementary styles and the cohesiveness of the project as a whole.

The introspective, soul-searching nature of the EP resonated with listeners, with many appreciating the artists’ vulnerability and raw honesty. The production quality and lyrical prowess displayed on the tracks were widely praised, solidifying the EP as a standout release in the UK rap scene.

Collaboration between Dave and Central Cee

The collaboration between Dave and Central Cee was highly anticipated, and it certainly lives up to the hype. Both artists bring their unique perspectives and talents to the table, resulting in a cohesive body of work that showcases their growth as artists.

The chemistry between Dave and Central Cee is evident throughout the EP, with their contrasting styles complementing each other. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in a project that pushes boundaries and showcases the artistic prowess of both artists.

Comparison with previous work

As Dave and Central Cee fans eagerly immersed themselves in the “Our 25th Birthday” EP, many drew comparisons to their previous works. Both artists have shown growth and maturity in their music, exploring new sounds and pushing their creative boundaries.

While maintaining their signature styles, Dave and Central Cee managed to evolve their sound, creating a fresh and exciting EP. The project is a testament to their artistic development and ability to captivate listeners with their music.

Impact of the EP on the music industry

The release of the “Our 25th Birthday” EP had a significant impact on the music industry, especially the UK rap scene. The collaboration between Dave and Central Cee has generated buzz and excitement among fans and industry insiders.

The success of the EP further cemented Dave and Central Cee’s status as two of the most promising talents in British rap. It also opened doors for future collaborations and paved the way for new artists to explore the possibilities of collaborative projects.

The importance of streaming and digital downloads

In today’s digital age, streaming platforms and digital downloads play a crucial role in the success of music releases. The “Our 25th Birthday” EP benefited from the widespread availability and accessibility of these platforms, allowing fans around the world to enjoy the music.

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume music, giving artists a global platform to showcase their talents. The success of the EP on these platforms demonstrates the power of streaming to reach a large audience and contribute to the commercial success of a project.

The collaboration between Dave and Central Cee on the EP “Our 25th Birthday” was undoubtedly a milestone for both artists. The project showcases their growth, artistry and ability to captivate listeners with their introspective and emotive music.

As fans eagerly await future releases from Dave and Central Cee, the “Our 25th Birthday” EP is a testament to their artistic prowess and sets the stage for even greater accomplishments to come.


  1. Q: Where can I download the “Our 25th Birthday” EP? A: You can download the EP from various online music platforms such as (platform names).
  2. Q: What other collaborations have Dave and Central Cee been involved in? A: Both artists have collaborated with several other notable artists from the UK rap scene including (artists names).
  3. Q: How was the “Our 25th Birthday” EP received by fans? A: The EP received overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans, with many praising the artists’ chemistry and the introspective nature of the tracks.
  4. Q: Will Dave and Central Cee be touring to promote the EP? A: There has been no official announcement regarding a tour yet. However, fans can keep an eye on the artists’ social media accounts for updates.
  5. Q: Are there music videos released for the songs on the EP? A: Yes, music videos have been released for some tracks on the EP. You can find them on (names of platforms) or on the artists’ official YouTube channels.


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