Don’t have a cow! Hilarious second when man falls to the bottom whereas working away from a cow that expenses at him

A cow-admirer-to-be slipped and fell on his again whereas working away from one of many offended animals that attacked him.

Olivia Bedford, 19, was out strolling along with her boyfriend Cameron Calcutt, additionally 19, when he determined to try to pet one of many animals as they stood in a subject one summer season night.

However, in a hilarious video, Cameron was left in a state of pure terror when a grouchy bovine selected to assault him, clearly unfazed by his method.

As OIivia calls out in a combination of panic and laughter, he runs again to his girlfriend, a glance of terror on his face.

But he slips on a patch of grass whereas attempting to flee, touchdown on his butt, earlier than springing again to his toes and leaping over the fence.

Olivia Bedford filmed boyfriend Cameron Calcutt approaching a herd of cows in a pasture one summer season night. He will be heard asking his girlfriend: ‘Film me’

Fortunately, the animal decides to not buffalo him any additional – and when it turns into clear he’s now not a risk, sends it away.

The clip opens with Cameron asking Olivia to “film me” as he approaches a crowd of about six cows.

But the calm encounter sours when one of many animals provides chase, prompting Cameron to move out.

The enraged cow provides him a steely stare as she veers off track on the final second, seemingly happy to have been scared off.

The encounter sours when one of many animals decides to present chase, prompting Cameron to flee in a blind panic

Cameron slips on the fringe of the sector simply because the cow decides to interrupt off the chase. Olivia will be heard laughing within the background as he falls

Cameron jumps to his toes and jumps over the fence whereas his girlfriend continues to chuckle. She later mentioned: ‘I laughed so hard I actually peed myself’

Olivia shouts ‘Cammy! Cammie!’ as he runs again to her, persevering with to movie, earlier than bursting into laughter.

The social media supervisor, from Wakefield, later mentioned: ‘I laughed so laborious I peed myself. He thought it was too humorous to be ashamed.

“He ran away because he thought they would all attack him.

“As you can see, this was his first and last altercation with a cow.”

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