Donald Trump hush money trial sets off a roller coaster of feelings

There I used to be, feeling a rush of self-righteous satisfaction, when my pretty partner needed to go and name off the confetti.

“How disappointing,” she sighed at information reviews about America’s Favorite Neofascist and his alleged affairs with porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal.

Where I celebrated accountability, she noticed big-picture irony: “Of all the rotten things that this man has done to divide our nation — election lies, conspiracy theories, paranoia, anger, vengeance — this is what’s on trial before November?”

“You have a point,” I mumbled as my overfilled balloon deflated its means again to Earth.

Indeed — critical as it’s — the “hush money” case doesn’t appear to threaten the nationwide soul fairly like expenses regarding rebellion and election fraud. Even so, it’s the solely case prone to go to trial earlier than the election so it issues a lot.

Everyone who’s paying consideration ought to perceive by now that this trial is just not about No. 45 dishonest on Melania. Rather, it’s about alleged falsifications of enterprise data tied to hush-money funds made to Daniels earlier than the 2016 election.

In all, 34 counts, which explains why some individuals want “fixers” within the first place.

Each legal depend carries a most sentence of 4 years, which means the presumptive Republican nominee might spend significant playtime within the slammer. Prison time might additionally price him his proper to vote however not his proper to re-occupy the White House.

Who is aware of what any verdict will do? Relatively latest convictions for enterprise fraud and defamation of character haven’t precisely derailed the practice.

Still, you’d assume the favored inmate’s marketing campaign managers would actually need to assume outdoors the brig. For starters, they may need to ask the warden if MAGA rallies could possibly be held through video name or some such factor.

Reading the tea leaves, jail time might be much less possible than probation, leaving any situations about life-behind-bars for a former president to the creativeness.

For her half, Daniels has been reasonably hard-core in describing romps with a future wannabe “dictator for a day.” McDougal says that she holds no ailing will and that it’s not in regards to the politics. In an interview on CNN, she apologized to Melania. “What can you say except, ‘I’m sorry’?” she stated. “I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want it done to me.”

That sounds just like the Golden Rule, which certainly will be discovered within the Donald’s for-profit “God Bless the USA” Bible (Flag-draped within the spirit of Christian nationalism! Only $59.99!).

As a useful suggestion, maybe the GOP’s demigod would need to create a Revised King Don model reflecting his personal Me-First theology: “Do unto others whatever it takes to win earthly power and profit for oneself.”

Regrets apart, McDougal is a good Republican who voted for the man who she thought beloved her.

“I was just feeling so guilty,” she defined. “It was just digging inside me.”

No such factor digs on the GOP. In reality, the “Party of T” and McDougal seem to be two peas in a pod, every having blindly mistaken “love” for an empty, fornicating fling with an amoral, transactional narcissist.

So unhappy.

Meanwhile, the previous president is racking up spectacular scores within the reputation polls. For that, we will thank public amnesia, misinformation, ethical ambivalence and blind obedience.

Me? I’m simply thanking my pretty partner merely for bringing me again to Earth.

Michael SondergardMichael Sondergard

Michael Sondergard

Michael Sondergard is a long-ago Press-Citizen editor and a retiree from the University of Iowa.

This article initially appeared on Des Moines Register: Donald Trump’s hush money trial sets off a roller coaster of feelings

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