Dog with a ‘heart of gold’ has spent 1 year at NC shelter. She still needs a home

An enthralling and affectionate canine has spent one year in a North Carolina shelter — and still needs a home.

“This female boxer mix is not just your average pup — she’s a bundle of joy with a heart of gold,” the Greensboro shelter wrote April 30 in a Facebook publish. “From the moment you meet her, you’ll be greeted with enthusiastic kisses and a wagging tail that never seems to stop. Phoebe’s love for humans knows no bounds.”

The shelter — the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of the Triad — stated Phoebe arrived after she was discovered as a stray. She just lately marked one year at the ability, turning into one of its longest residents.

“Despite her rough start as a stray and coming to us from a local shelter, Phoebe has blossomed into a playful and outgoing pup who thrives on love and attention,” the animal group wrote.

Phoebe is described as “the ultimate embodiment of charm” and a fan of peanut butter treats. The 2-year-old pup additionally loves soccer and would make a perfect exercise companion, the SPCA advised McClatchy News in a May 1 e-mail.

“Phoebe would do well in an active household (she can handle the chaos of family life),” the shelter wrote. “Once she is tired, she will love to couch snuggle.”

As of May 3, the SPCA’s web site reveals the “energetic” canine is still up for adoption. More particulars concerning the group’s adoption course of could be discovered at

“We wonder every day why Phoebe is still with us,” the shelter wrote. “Phoebe’s perfect family hasn’t found her yet. When they do, they will be rewarded with loyalty, love, and affection. Not to mention, those awesome ears and soft coat.”


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