Did Monica Lewinsky Vote for Hillary Clinton In 2016? Kathy Griffin Says She Knows the Answer


Kathy Griffin says she has the inside monitor on who Monica Lewinsky decided in favor of inside the 2016 official political decision. The 61-year-old joke artist confirmed up on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live the place she talked about her high-profile evening gatherings the place she welcomes VIP friends.

Griffin talked about she welcomed Lewinsky to one among many gatherings, seating her close to “a lot of truly savvy individuals and columnists.”

The veteran comedian referred to Lewinsky as “exquisite and truly accommodating and tomfoolery and entertaining,” and talked about she approached her whether or not or not she decided in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she went in the direction of Donald Trump. Griffin seen that Lewinsky talked about nobody had at any degree posed her that inquiry.

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“She did [vote for Clinton],” Griffin uncovered. “She mentioned, ‘I was unable to allow my own issues to disrupt the general flow. I was unable to decide in favor of Trump. So indeed, obviously I decided in favor of Hillary.’”

During the ’90s, Lewinsky stood out as really newsworthy when it was uncovered she had an unsanctioned romance with Hillary’s important different, then, at that time President Bill Clinton. The embarrassment wrecked the then-White House assistant’s occupation and life.

Lately, Lewinsky has recovered her public persona, taking a stand in opposition to the unfairness she seemed as a girl in her mid 20s. She crammed in as a maker on Ryan Murphy’s Denunciation: American Wrongdoing Story, which nitty gritty the outrage. Lewinsky was performed by Beanie Feldstein in the collection.

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In a 2021 assembly with The Hollywood Columnist, she shared, “And on the grounds that I wasn’t on the news consistently for quite some time similarly that I was in 1998 doesn’t imply that this story finished. A decade on, I actually couldn’t find a new line of work. I was unable to help myself.”

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