Did Guido Reyes have cancer? Illness and health problem

Despite his courageous battle, Governor Guido Reyes succumbed to lung cancer, leaving behind a legacy of resilience.

Negros Oriental Governor Carlo Jorge Joan “Guido” Reyes, 62, died Wednesday morning after a long illness.

The news was confirmed by Reyes’ daughter, Eunica, vice-mayor of the town of Guihulngan. The province is in mourning following the death of the governor.

Reyes had been in office for 89 days, taking over as governor after former governor Roel Degamo was murdered on March 4.

Provincial Administrator Karen Lisette Molas shared this information in a video message on Facebook and has already informed Vice Governor Manuel Sagarbarria Jr. of Reyes’ passing and handed over the governor’s ongoing initiatives and projects.

Did Guido Reyes have cancer?

Governor Guido Reyes faced a formidable adversary in his battle with lung cancer.

Details of Governor Reyes’ illness have not been made public, respecting the family’s wishes for confidentiality. However, her battle with lung cancer highlights her immense challenges during her final months. Dealing with serious illness while carrying out the demanding responsibilities of a governor is undoubtedly a daunting task.

Governor Reyes’ battle with lung cancer is said to have involved various medical interventions and treatments. These may have included chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapies, or surgery, depending on the specific characteristics of his cancer and his overall health.

The goal of treatment would have been to slow the progression of the disease, manage symptoms and improve his quality of life.

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The passing of Governor Guido Reyes reminds us of the devastating impact of cancer and the importance of early detection, prevention and access to quality health care.

Guido Reyes Illness and health problems

The family did not release details surrounding Reyes disease and health.

Governor Guido Reyes was a resilient and dedicated public servant, but was not immune to health issues. He is said to have fought a courageous battle against lung cancer, a dreaded disease that affects millions of people around the world.

Although the precise timeline of Governor Reyes’ illness has not been disclosed, his death came just three months after assuming the role of governor following the tragic assassination of his predecessor, Governor Roel Degamo.

It suggests that he dealt with his health issues while navigating the demands of his new position.

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Although lung cancer is a serious and often fatal disease, Governor Reyes continued to serve his constituents with unwavering dedication and selflessness. Despite his difficulties, he remained determined to improve the lives of the people of Negros Oriental.

Guido Reyes obituary details

Guido’s death was confirmed by an official statement on the Facebook page.

Karen Lisette Molas, the Provincial Administrator, shared the sad news after receiving a call from Vice Mayor Eunica Reyes of Guihulngan Town, Negros Oriental.

The news of Governor Reyes’ death sent shock waves throughout the province, as he was highly regarded and respected for his contributions and leadership.

Former board member Ikay Villanueva expressed his condolences in a heartfelt Facebook post, highlighting the deep friendship he shared with the governor and highlighting his dedication to serving Negros Oriental.

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The entire province is mourning the loss of Governor Guido, and tributes and condolences have poured in from citizens from all walks of life.


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