Did Alex Graham commit suicide? Depression and health issues

The British ice hockey star has died aged 20. Did Alex Graham commit suicide? Let’s find out about his health issues.

News of the death of 20-year-old ice hockey star Alex Graham has sent shock waves across the internet. fans and supporters mourn the death of hockey’s youngest star.

Graham has appeared in 81 Elite Ice Hockey League club games over the past two years. He was famous for his professional career and his playing techniques will always be a fan favorite.

Additionally, Alex started his junior career in his hometown before trading to the Bradford Bulldogs in 2015, where Graham stayed for two seasons.

Alex also got his first one-year professional contract just a month ago. The club has shared the news and many people are paying tribute to Alex and offering their condolences to his family.

Did Alex Graham commit suicide?

Alex Graham’s new passenger has silenced the hockey community, and people don’t believe the news.

Alex was expected to be something big in British ice hockey as he had already achieved huge success at such a young age.

People started researching his death case after the club shared his death news. In addition, many wondered if he had committed suicide.

Well, the official reports have not been divided on this subject; moreover, his family and loved ones have remained silent about it, so, it is not yet confirmed whether Alex committed suicide or died for other reasons.

Likewise, in the statements shared by the club, they did not share the cause of his death. It’s a difficult time for Alex’s family, so hopefully more information will be updated soon.

Alex Graham Depression and Health Problems

Alex Graham’s cause of death has remained suspect and people believe it was suicide, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Questions about Graham’s depression and health issues flooded the internet as people were concerned about it.

Graham was fine and he was much more focused on his playing career so he never shared his health issues throughout his playing career.

None of the official sites talked about his mental health issues and whether he suffered from them. Therefore, talking about it without considering the truth will not be fruitful.

His friends and supporters are heartbroken by the news and tributes are pouring in from fans. The club shared a moving message and considered him one of the outstanding players.

Take a look at Alex Graham’s obituary

Alex Graham was 20 at the time of his death, although the cause of death remains completely unclear from public sources.

The club, Sheffield Steelers, shares the news on their site and pays tribute to Alex. The news was heartbreaking and many still don’t believe it.

In the statement, they said: “Everyone at the club is heartbroken by the news and would like to pass on our thoughts and condolences to Alex’s family, friends and teammates. It would be appreciated if the family of May Alex have the time and space to absorb the enormity of this tragic situation in the days ahead.

Fans are also paying tribute to Alex by sharing posts on social media platforms including Twitter. One wrote: “RIP Alex Graham always remember that roar when you scored your first goal against Fife. What talent. Massive shame and a very sad day for all of us. Rest in peace.”

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