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Denver council approves $450,000 settlement for families of shooting victims

COLOARADO, United States — On Monday night, the Denver City Council passed a resolution to pay $450,000 to the family of Jalonte Jones, an 18-year-old who was fatally shot by members of the Denver Police Department. Denver. Internal Affairs looked into the event and ultimately recommended firing 16-year police veteran DeWayne Rodgers.

Jones’ mother believes he was shot on September 7, 2020, during an altercation over a girl. “What bothers me the most is that when the officers showed up, they were supposed to be there to help my child,” Dedranette Jones told CBS News Colorado more than a year later. “And (Rodgers) basically just stood there and watched him die.” What kind of person are you, seriously? Rodgers’ body camera footage of the incident was released by DPD. It features Rodgers constantly interrogating Jones while he sleeps in a parking lot. Rodgers asks, “Where were you from?” “I’m dying,” Jones said.

I called an ambulance; do you have answers to my questions? Keep talking, Rodgers. Paramedics arrived at the scene 14 minutes after Rodgers, video shows. It was the first time anyone had tried CPR. Dedranette Jones shouted, “To even touch my son. As a mother, she said: “The worst part was seeing the body camera and knowing that the last thing my son said was, ‘I’m dying’ and he was basically dead. in that parking lot before the paramedics came to see him. This was after he had sat for just over a year thinking he had died in hospital. When paramedics arrived he had no more of pulse.

Rodgers told police he was unable to find the gunshot wound and was afraid to touch it for fear of making it worse. Rodgers “knew the general location of the wound from blood saturation and had ample time to locate the wound,” according to the inquest. And yet, he made no further attempt to identify the injury. Further, “Constable Rodgers’ assertion that he was concerned about the aggravation of the injury cannot excuse the lack of care he exercised since the foreseeable result of the lack of help was death. , which greatly outweighs any concerns of aggravating an injury.”

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