Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen rips Hillary Clinton’s ‘dismissive’ criticism of anti-Israel protesters

Sen. Chris Van Hollen on Sunday dinged Hillary Clinton for being “quite dismissive” in current feedback questioning the information and perspective of anti-Israeli protesters who’ve stormed school campuses throughout the nation.

Last week, Clinton went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and derided some of the protesters saying they “don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East or frankly about history in many areas of the world.”

Van Hollen (D-Md.) contended that many of the coed demonstrators had reputable issues concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict unfolding half a world away.

“I thought…that Secretary Clinton’s comments, in that regard, were quite dismissive of students’ concerns about the awful humanitarian crisis and high civilian death toll in Gaza,” Van Hollen instructed CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Chris Van Hollen
Chris Van Hollen stated that Hillary Clinton’s remarks concerning the anti-Israel protesters had been “dismissive.” AP

“I believe that the great majority of the students are protesting, are following very closely what’s happening in Gaza,” he went on. “They see what’s a very high civilian death toll.”

Clinton defined that she has “had many conversations” with youthful folks over the previous seven months for the reason that conflict erupted within the wake of the Oct. 7, 2023 Hamas assault that killed an estimated 1,200 Israelis.

She then underscored her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s efforts for a breakthrough in a two-state resolution within the Nineties.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton argued that the Israeli-Palestinian battle is extra difficult than many of the coed protesters have acknowledged. MSNBC

“An offer was made to the Palestinians for a state on 96% of the existing territory occupied by the Palestinians with 4% of Israel to be given to reach 100% of the amount of territory that was hoped for,” she recalled.

But then-Palestinian chief Yasser Arafat rejected that supply.

Hillary Clinton has been a professor of public affairs at Columbia University, which was engulfed by heavy protests, anti-Israel encampments, and the occupation of Hamilton Hall amid campus strife over the battle.

The Post cover story
The Post cowl story after NYPD intervened at Columbia University. rfaraino

Van Hollen additionally burdened that campuses ought to shield college students’ rights to free speech and “make sure that students feel safe on campus” in addition to “stamp out antisemitism and hate.”

Earlier within the interview, the Maryland senator defended President Biden’s resolution to place a pause on the cargo of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel over issues it’s planning to mount a floor assault on the southern Gazan metropolis of Rafah.

“Remember, the president of the United States warned [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu repeatedly that if there was an all-out invasion in Rafah that the United States would make policy changes,” he stated.

“Netanyahu has repeatedly ignored the President of the United States, ignored the president’s efforts to try to reduce civilian casualties, ignored our efforts to try to get more humanitarian assistance into Gaza and ignored the priority of trying to bring back the hostages.”

Chris Van Hollen
Chris Van Hollen sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. REUTERS

Last week, the State Department launched a report that acknowledged it’s “reasonable to assess” Israel violated worldwide humanitarian regulation in Gaza.

Around that point, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley stated, “Before we get self-righteous about what Israel is doing,” the US ought to acknowledge that it has fought wars with important civilian dying tolls, citing occasions from World War II.

“The United States has not been perfect — far from perfect. But since World War Two, we’ve adopted many more measures to try to restrict civilian harm,” Van Hollen stated of Milley’s feedback.

Netanyahu publicly estimated that roughly 16,000 civilians have been killed together with 14,000 terrorists in seven months of combating within the Gaza Strip.

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