Death of a student of Amal Jyothi: why did Shraddha commit suicide? Found dead at the inn

Shraddha’s suicide case caught the attention of social media as she, a student at Amal Jyothi College in Kanjirapilly, took her own life.

Following the tragic suicide of a student named Shraddha in the college hostel, the Amal Jyothi Engineering College in Kanjirappally was closed.

The college has been announced to be closed indefinitely due to escalating protests over the death of a female student.

In response, the college authorities ordered the students to leave the hostel, but the students refused to comply.

The situation escalated further when clashes erupted between students and police at the college. The students alleged that the police used force against them.

The following article will shed light on the details of the case, also clarifying the reason behind Shradhha’s suicide.

Death of a student of Amal Jyothi: why did Shraddha commit suicide?

Shradhha, a student from Kanjirappilly, India, committed suicide on June 2, 2023. College students are protesting for Shraddha’s justice.

It is claimed that Shraddha committed suicide after college authorities confiscated her cell phone and reprimanded her for using it on campus.

They specifically demanded the removal of the hostel manager and the head of the food technology department, holding them responsible for Shraddha’s death.

According to the students, they were confined to college premises and threatened with having their internal grades deducted by the faculty.

As the protest grew, the police increased security by locking all the college doors.

The students claimed that the police used unwarranted violence against them.

Frustrated by the lack of a satisfactory resolution in discussions involving the accused teachers, the students resumed their protests.

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Read more about Shraddha Suicide: Found Dead in an Inn

Shraddha Satish, a second-year food tech student, was found dead in her hostel room on June 2. Satish was found hanged in her hostel room.

To remedy the situation, the management of the college in Kerala has decided to suspend classes and evacuate students from hostels.

However, the students escalated their protest, vowing to stay in the hostels until their demands were met.

They argued that the college’s closure was an effort to quell their protest, and a meeting was then called at the college’s premises.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), teachers and student representatives, together with Dr. N Jayaraj, MLA, led the meeting and led the discussion.

Who was Shraddha Satish, the girl who committed suicide?

Shraddha Satish, a 20-year-old girl, was a student at Amal Jyothi Engineering College in Kanjirappally. She was from Thiruvankulam in Ernakulam district.

Students alleged that professors unfairly blamed her for her poor grades, and college management even confiscated her phone for using it.

According to their accounts, the students claimed that arranging a meeting with Shraddha’s parents added significant stress to her situation.

As the story unfolded, it was claimed that the college administration made up the fact that Shraddha collapsed in her room in an attempt to cover up the event.

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The students also accused the Kerala college of preparing to declare that Shraddha had been taken to hospital.

Similarly, other students shared that Shraddha was deeply upset after meeting the head of the department and reportedly expressed her wish to die.

The students have made it clear that they will only end their protest when justice is served for Shraddha.


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