Death and obituary of Caleb Coffee, the prankster child is dead or still alive

Farceur is part of the Coffee family and is well known on several social media platforms. His personal TikTok account calebcoffee has over 11 million followers. He often responds to fan comments in the video and also posts training videos and related fun content. He is regularly featured on his father Jason Coffee’s social media accounts.

He first appeared in a video on his father’s Vine account in early 2013. By the time the app was shut down, he had over 200,000 followers on his personal Vine account.

Many of his most popular prank videos have garnered millions of views on Vine, including the May 2014 video “Poured 1 Dozen Eggs Over Jason’s Head Got Jason Coffee!”

His parents, Jason and Chassy, ​​married in 2003. He has two siblings, Peyton and Isaac, who are also on Vine. He dated Brooklyn Van Zant.

On May 14, 2020, he featured Addison Rae in a lip-sync video on his TikTok account.


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