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Meet David Serpa husband of N*ked and scared the star David Link. The show’s recent franchise The last one standing premiered in May 2023. Some of his fans want to know more about him. Here are some details about David that you might find interesting to know.

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N*ked And Afraid: Meet David Serpa, David Link’s Husband

David Serpa is the husband of N*ked and Afraid star Dan Link. The couple married in September 2016.

While they announced their engagement in August 2016 at Pōhue Beach. Dan captioned the post, “It’s official! He locked me up ????. I love you more than life baby…”

A year later, on their first anniversary, David took to his Facebook and wished her, “It’s my first wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be happier to be living this dream with my handsome husband. Dan Link! Looking forward to a lifetime of crazy, wonderful, passionate years together.

In December 2020, Dan wished her husband his 37th birthday. On his Facebook, the survivalist wrote: “Happy 37th birthday to my wonderful husband David Serpa! I love you to the moon and come back my dear!

Likewise, on Dan’s birthday in October 2022, David took to his Facebook and wrote, “Happy birthday, crazy, crazy wonderful man.”

Although David understands and appreciates that Dan likes adventurous activities. But, he couldn’t help worrying about it. Because Dan seeks the thrill of adventure, her husband thinks he should buy insurance. It is unclear how long they dated before getting married.

In 2023, Dan is competing for the third time on N*ked and Afraid: Last Standing. In a bid to win the main prize of $100,000, he and 11 other contestants will take part in a multi-phase challenge that will put their survival skills to the test.

About the previous experience on the show, Dan said: “The skin on my hands and feet was cracking and my lips were so chapped and scabbed over at one point that I thought I might be permanently disfigured.” But, he has reached the last day. He said: “The feeling of accomplishment when you reach that last day is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

Since 2023 he has been working as an event photographer at the radio station WDKX. He has been a research technician at the UNCW Marine Science Center since 2011. He also joined the Peace Corps Volunteer at the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.

Dan has also worked as a field biologist in the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where he camps for weeks studying endangered species. Born in October 1990, Dan Link turns 32 in May 2023, making him seven years younger than her husband.

David Serpa Age

David Serpa is 39 years old. He was born in 1983.

Where is David Serpa from?

David Serpa is originally from Calgary, Alberta. He was born a second generation immigrant in Canada. His courageous mother and her family immigrated from the small island of Sao Miguel, which is part of the chain of Portuguese islands called the Azores.

In 2023, David resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, making him his family’s first generation immigrant to the United States.

Did you know? David’s brother, Marc Serpa Francoeur, is a documentary filmmaker and interactive producer whose work draws on lifelong interests in immigration, diversity and social justice issues. Co-founder of Lost Time Media with Robinder Uppal, they have produced a wide range of linear and interactive documentaries since 2013

At Mark’s IMDBsome of his notable works are The World in Ten Blocks, The Royal Women Association, CBC Docs POV, No Visible Trauma, And Love in the time of fentanyl.

David Serpa Jobs

David is the owner of The Shirtless Arborist LLC. His business was incorporated on September 28, 2017 and categorized as “LANDSCAPING, TREE MAINTENANCE AND REMOVAL”.

In October 2019, David announced on his IG: “My landscaping and tree care business is growing and I am actively looking for part time workers! Small team, lots of learning opportunities and big projects. DM, email or text me if you or someone you know in the Honolulu area would be interested.

Dan had also helped her husband run his business as an assistant arborist. The survivalist posted on his Facebook, “I am the luckiest assistant arborist in the world #barechestedarboristHonolulu – Who needs tree work!?!.”

David is also a member of Aloha Arborist.

Related FAQs

  • What is David Serpa’s birthday?

David Serpa celebrates his birthday on December 23.

  • Is David Serpa on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, David Serpa uses Instagram (@barechested_arborist) and Facebook (@david.serpa.58).


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